Pandya Store 1st April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 1st April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautam controlling his desire to drink alcohol. Dhara comes and sees him. He sees Dhara and Suman. Dhara says bad habits do not get away easily, I have made a mistake by trusting you, you are breaking your promise. As long as you give your kidney to the family, he says that I will give up alcohol.

He throws the alcohol bottle. Suman says Gautam broke the bottle, I’m proud of you, never touch it again. He says don’t worry, I’ll get Dev, Rishita and the kids, and Dhara can get Natasha’s tests done. Suman says I’m sitting here, think about it. Gautam hugs Dhara. Dhara says Gautam left alcohol after 7 years, and I’m very happy.

Suman says go to your room and show happiness. Chiku and Mittu hug Suman. Mittu asks where is mum, I miss her. Suman says I will take you to your mum. Chiku says I didn’t like it without your scolding. Suman says stay here, I will scold you. Dev and Rishita come with their kids. Natasha asks to go to her mother, she wants to visit Shweta. Dev hugs Dhara. He apologizes to Gautam.

Suman says I won’t forgive you. Dev says I won’t leave the house. Rishita apologizes and hugs Dhara. Dhara says we will celebrate. Rishita says we will do a party once Natasha and your tests match. The kids are thrilled. Suman scolds Dev and Rishita and says you have come back because Dhara is giving her kidney, how can you be so selfish?

Gautam says forgive them. Rishita says you can punish me. Suman punishes her. Gautam says let it go. Dev hugs him and cries. Gautam says he is glad you have returned. Dhara says we will have a party. Prerna comes. She says Dev and Rishita are back. Dhara tells you to take care of the kids, we’re going to the hospital, so you’ll handle the party.

Dhara asks what happened. Prerna says nothing. Dhara asks did anything happen between Krish and you. Prerna says no, you go, I will handle everything. Dev says he will arrange money for the operation. Dhara, Rishita and Natasha leave.

As the kids think of finding Shweta, Dev worries. Gautam says I am alive, I’ll do something. Dev says I’ll take care of it. He slaps him and asks if Natasha is not our daughter, Dhara and I have kept the money for you all. I’ll get you the passbook, you can check it. He leaves. Suman embraces Dev.

Rishita apologizes to Dhara. Dhara consoles her. Natasha cries and asks for Shweta. Shweta designs the prison layout and thinks of escaping. Rishita says we have to clarify the kids’ confusion. Prerna is with the kids. Shesh says Dadi, you also prepare for the party.

Dhara and Natasha go for the tests. Rishita prays. Prerna gets snacks. Rishita says I am your real mom, and Dhara is your badima; Shweta was a bad aunt who stole kids. The police caught her, so she won’t return. Dhara and Natasha go for the tests.


Dhara complains about Shivank. Shivank blackmails Dhara. Gautam asks why you didn’t tell me when you took the money.

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