Faltu 5th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 5th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Faltu recalls Ruhaan’s words and tears during the episode. She thinks of Ayaan. She says everything will go fine, where is Ayaan, where shall I find him? Ayaan and everyone worry about Faltu. Doctor arrives. The doctor says We must proceed with the operation, Ayaan. Ayaan says that he is sincerely sorry, but he couldn’t acquire the funds. He had made the necessary arrangements, but a group of criminals robbed him. Doctor tells him not to worry. Despite the setback, we will continue with the operation as planned.

Govind: We didn’t deposit the money. Doctor: I am aware of that, but we received an order from the management. Your efforts have paid off. Ayaan: How did this sudden change happen? Faltu arrives and embraces him.

Ayaan: How did you get injured? I was extremely worried about you. I managed to arrange some money, but I was attacked by some criminals who robbed it. Unfortunately, I also lost my phone in the incident. I’m sorry I couldn’t bring anything with me. Doctor: Don’t worry about the money for now. We can sort that out later. The operation has already started. But I’m curious, how did this sudden change happen?
Savita recalls Ruhaan’s words and decides to lie to Ayaan. Savita: It’s a long story. Let’s talk about it later.
Ayaan embraces Savita, relieved to see her safe. Govind: We should all grab something to eat now.
The group leaves together.

Ayaan says you didn’t tell me where you went. Faltu says I went for a walk. Ayaan embraces Savita and apologizes, expressing his surprise at the unexpected turn of events. He ponders whether Sid and Tanu might have assisted them. Savita reassures him, saying that if Sid and Tanu had indeed helped, the doctor would have informed them about it. You told me that man offered you a job if you left cricket, did you accept it? She says no, ask the doctor, I did not deposit any money.

His words are that I would never have forgiven you for accepting that offer, since your dream is my dream too. I should be happy, but I’m scared. Kanika asks him to go get food. He does. She cries. She sees Tanu dressed in plain clothes. She asks what’s the new drama about. Tanu says he wants to repent and purify his thoughts, maybe people will forgive him.

Ruhaan calls, and Faltu expresses gratitude to him. Ruhaan responds positively, suggesting that they meet after the operation is completed. Faltu confirms that she will be there. Ruhaan then shares a plan, stating that she needs to convince Ayaan and Janardhan to work at JM Mart so they can earn enough money to pay the rent and cover their house expenses. The conversation shifts briefly to Tanu, mentioned by the servants. Meanwhile, the doctor provides an update, stating that both Janardhan’s and Dadi’s operations were successful.

Ayaan expresses his gratitude to the doctor. The doctor assures him that he will be able to meet Janardhan and Dadi soon, and advises Ayaan to take care of their diet and keep them happy. Kinshuk asks about the location where they will be taking them. Ayaan suggests expressing their gratitude to the managing director (MD) and informing him that they will repay the money soon.

Aarti is given to Kanika by Tanu. Ayaan extends his gratitude to the managing director (MD) and assures him that they will repay the money soon. Kanika intervenes, expressing that there is no need for them to do so.. Tanu says it is needed, I want everyone to forgive me. If you don’t want to worry about the money, you can pay anytime. Don’t tell anyone, other patients will expect the same. Ayaan and Faltu leave. MD informs Ruhaan about Ayaan.

Ruhaan asks the manager about state selections. The manager asks how Shanaya will play. Ruhaan says I will fulfil Shanaya’s dream and ruin Janardhan. Shanaya hugs him.

He says your picture will be in a newspaper and your dream will come true. She asks how this will happen. He says I have planned everything.


You must leave your dreams and family behind. Faltu tells Ayaan that she will stay away from him for now.


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