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Anupama written update

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He tells the family that it wasn’t a big deal, but Dimple exaggerated it. He tells Dimple to be concerned about Samar, not Anuj. Leela says let Dimpy go to hell with Anuj too. Vanraj says that they and Anupama dont need Dimple or Anuj. Hasmukh says let it go. Vanraj asserts that he agrees with the notion that Anupama doesn’t need Anuj, and similarly, Samar doesn’t need Dimpy either.

When Anupama and Samar enter the room, she asks him who is to decide this, and why they are discussing her life and marriage in her absence if no one has the right to do so. The woman says she wouldn’t have stepped into this house, but since it’s about children, she went. She asks Vanraj if he is aware that his son’s marriage has been cancelled.

She says she doesn’t know Dimpy is calling off the marriage. Anupama says the topic is why the marriage is being called off. Leela suggests that the marriages of insolent and ungrateful girls should be called off, in her opinion. According to Anupama, Leela is asking the wrong question; if Samar loves Dimpy, then along with marriage, her son’s heart will also break; Leela is not concerned with her children’s pain, but is just interested in getting married.

She asks Vanraj if he knows what is the reason behind it. Vanraj says Dimpy wants to invite Anuj to her wedding, but they do not want to have any relationship with Anuj. Anupama asks why? As a result, Vanraj says they cannot forgive Anuj for what he did, anyway Anuj would hurt her.

As Anupama asks if he saw a dream that she would feel hurt seeing Anuj, what she feels seeing Anuj is not his business; she has told him 1000 times that her problems, her pain, and her relationships are all hers, and he doesn’t need to care. As she says he will try again, she asks if she complained about Anuj to him or his family after whatever happened.

A sage or clairvoyant, Vanraj learns that she has moved on and doesn’t need Anuj. She asks why he is acting as his advocate and even judge, giving a verdict on her behalf; she feels hurt seeing him, but he continues to appear in front of him despite her warnings. She says she and Anuj. Anupama says they won’t talk about Anuj and Anupama, only about Samar and Dimpy. Leela says she and Anuj.

According to her, Samar and Dimpy’s marriage is over since they are no longer trying to save it; what’s wrong with Dimpy inviting Anuj? She asks what’s wrong with Anuj.

Anuj wronged Anupama, so Leela says they do not want to see his face. Leela says Anupama did most wrong to her; when did she claim that Anuj did wrong to her; will she stop looking in the mirror or seeing her son? Vanraj says there is no need to speak, her pain can be seen in her eyes, so there is no need to speak.

His son’s pain is something he hasn’t seen for 26 years; Anupama asks, but let’s talk about Samar and Dimpy and says Anuj will definitely attend Dimple’s wedding if Dimple wants him to. If Samar is her most sensible son, why is he unable to see Dimpy’s happiness?

Seeing her pain hurt Samar, he says. As Anupama points out, breaking a relationship is more painful; she says nobody has given her more happiness than Anuj has, so it is her ill fate that she was unable to handle it, so everyone should stop blaming Anuj and Samar shouldn’t fool if he calls off his wedding; they shouldn’t think she is trying to act great or saving this wedding; she is speaking her heart out and what is wrong in life.

Even though Anupama and Anuj are far apart, they still respect each other; she realized that Anuj is a gift from god that is only given to one out of a million people; the distance between them is miles rather than hearts. Leela asks Dimple why she returned after calling off the wedding.

Anupama conveyed to Samar that decisions made in a hurry can be detrimental since life is much more than just haste. The matter of Anuj attending the wedding was only a small affair; however, while Dimpy had brought it to his notice, he wanted assurance that he could call Anuj if so desired. When Vanraj got the call, he was hesitant to converse, until Anupama intervened and put him on speakerphone.

Anuj says he shouldn’t cancel Samar and Dimpy’s wedding because of the issue between him and Anupama, both children love each other and shouldn’t be separated. He and Anupama should resolve the issue between them themselves. Vanraj should take responsibility for Samar and Dimpy’s wedding and ensure its smooth execution.

Paakhi is here, he realizes she did right by coming here; he knows he has done wrong with Anupama, and he will correct it himself; everyone should understand that Anuj will continue to love Anupama until his last breath. Hearing that makes Leela, Vanraj, and Maaya jealous.

Anuj states that the happiness of the children is of greater importance to Anupama, emphasizing that she cannot bear to see them sad. Samar and Dimpy are like his children and he doesn’t want them apart; Anupama has only pain, but he has pain and guilt of troubling his Anu and getting her into this situation; his guilt is keeping him from living and his love for Anu is keeping him from dying; he has accepted it, but not his mind yet and realized that when Paakhi explained it; he will be back with his Anu.

While Anupama and her team are happy, Vanraj and the team are tense. Anuj says he will not attend the wedding if Vanraj doesn’t want to, but he shouldn’t cancel the children’s wedding. Furthermore, he emphasizes that if he has become Anu’s forceful friend, he should convey to her the message that though he is away from her, he still loves her deeply and will continue to love her even to the end of his life.

It makes Anupama extremely happy to hear that. In the background, Teri Ummeed Tera Intezar Karte Hain… plays. Anupama stumbles from happiness. Hasmukh and Samar hold her tight. Anuj says he had sent a message via Kanta telling Anu not to wait for him, but now he wants to tell Anu to wait for him because he will be returning for her shortly.


Kavya tells Vanraj that Anuj will come and respectfully take Anupama home. Vanraj says he hasn’t come yet. Maaya wants to ensure not to let Anuj return to Anupama.

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