Suhaagan 16th May 2023

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Bindiya talks to Ram Pyaari and asks what’s to be done. Madan brings Dadi there. Dadi tries to make her understand that she can’t live for long for more days, and who will take care of them. Likewise to how she saved her from the well, Bindiya says she won’t allow anything to happen to her.

In her words, she won’t let Payal fail the test. Dadi says that she doesn’t know when she will die, and tells her to think that God has given her a chance, and then asks her to go with her mama and mami. There will be no harm to you, Bindiya says. Dadi says it’s for your betterment. Bindiya says that you’re trying to snatch yourself from us.

She expresses, “Even if I go to sleep without your lullaby, I might have a burger, but I won’t have chini paratha.” Mami might feed me a lot, but my stomach won’t feel full until you feed me.” She continues, “Mama’s house may be big, but I won’t be able to enjoy your lap there.” Bindiya pleads with Dadi not to ask them to leave, and Dadi assures her that they won’t. Madan believes that Bindiya’s resistance foiled his plan.

He says we will go now. Phoolmati comes there and does the aarti and tilak. She says, “I couldn’t perform the aarti for you when you arrived here, so I’m doing it now.

Then, she presents him with a box of sweets, remarking, “My mother taught me never to send anyone empty-handed.” Dadi or Amma encourage Madan to visit frequently, assuring him that it will make the girls happy. Just then, Payal arrives and requests Rekha to take her along. Rekha and Dadi attempt to dissuade her, but Payal insists that they fulfil her request.

Bindiya asks if you can stay without us. Payal says I can stay without our parents if I can stay without you and Dadi. Madan says I cannot take you against elders’ wishes. Madan hugs her. He asks Rekha to come. In the car, he keeps his stuff.

In response to Bindiya’s apology, Madan hugs her and says God will give everyone daughters like you. Bindiya calls Pallu and asks where she is. She says Madan is in a bad mood, and he tells her to understand later. In the car, he leaves, asking Bindiya to take care.

Phoolwati tells Bhim that she made Madan leave. Bhim says you insulted him. She tells him you are naughty and kisses him on the cheek. When Bindiya comes to Dadi, she tells her that Payal has been missing for two hours and she does not know where she has gone. Phoolwati scolds Payal and asks her to sweep the floor. As Bindiya sweeps, she says she will go and search for Payal.

Phoolwati scolds the girl for cooking, and Dadi questions whether this is the right way to speak to her. In response, Phoolwati insults Dadi. Meanwhile, Bindiya accidentally cuts her finger and informs Phoolwati about Payal. Bhim arrives home and reveals that Payal is nowhere to be found in the entire village. Bindiya suggests reaching out to Madan for assistance.

Bindiya sees her mobile and hears Phoolwati and Bhim talking while he massages her hair. Dadi says Madan will search for her. Phoolwati refuses to call her. She takes the mobile and oil bowl silently. Phoolwati scolds her for stealing the bowl. Bindiya thinks she is saved, so she calls Madan. Madan rejects the call and says the hippopotamus will suffer.

Bindiya prays to God and says she will take Maun Vrat until she finds Payal. Phoolwati says to Bindiya, you stole and you aren’t apologizing. Phoolwati takes off the belt and hits Bindiya.


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