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In the first scene, Bindiya tells Krish that she knows he is worried about Payal and loves her, and he is shocked. During the conversation, Krish finds out that Bindiya knows you used to love a girl named Payal, and that people think I am not wise, but that intelligence comes from experience, not just from education. Your reaction downstairs was normal, Krish says. According to Bindiya, I trust you, and you told me about your love before marriage, but did not give me the name and it was unnecessary.

She expresses her trust in me and my character, mentioning how I have filled her maang and that this is all the proof she needs. While others may find God in stone, she sees you, her husband, as her source of happiness. She wishes the same for Payal. Krish realizes he can only be with one of them. Payal acknowledges Krish’s handling of the situation and how Sakshi attempted to disrupt things. She calls a friend, asking to notify her if anyone inquires about Krish and herself. Bindiya approaches and inquires about Payal’s questioning.

Payal informs Bindiya about the exam date, which makes Bindiya happy. However, Payal also reveals that she plans to leave college. Bindiya comforts her and helps her by bandaging her foot. Curious about Payal’s love interest, Bindiya asks for his name. Payal hesitates but eventually decides not to share it with Bindiya. This makes Bindiya upset and she apologizes for prying. However, she still wants to find out who he is and checks Payal’s phone for more information. She tries different lock codes, such as 0000 and 0123, before ultimately realizing that Payal’s birthdate is the password to unlock the phone.

Bindiya scrolls through her contacts and comes across multiple numbers. Upon checking her messages, she notices a contact named “My love.” Assuming this to be the person’s name, she writes down the phone number on her hand. As she begins reading the message, Payal interrupts and comments on her still being there. Bindiya responds by expressing her desire to move on from her past and not reopen old wounds. She suggests applying ointment, but assures Payal that she will refrain from discussing it if it causes discomfort. With that, Bindiya decides to leave and hopes to heal her wounds soon. Just then, Krish emerges from the room.

As Bindiya inquires whether Krish requires any assistance, he proceeds elsewhere. Upon returning to the room, she discovers him engrossed in a video game. As she receives a call from Kaka informing her of a potential profit of 100 rupees per bag, she quickly calculates that the cost of delivering the bags to their godown would amount to 6-7 thousand rupees. Advising Krish to decline the offer, he doubts her competence and ability to handle even bigger businesses in the Ministry. She reminds Krish that while their business may be small, Babu ji’s is substantial and expresses gratitude for Vikram bhaiyya and Krish’s support. However, their conversation is interrupted by Indu refusing to give time off to the servant due to an impending visit from Mamta, Bindiya’s boyfriend.

Krish urges Indu to comprehend Kaka’s predicament and release him. Bindiya acknowledges Krish’s thoughtfulness towards others. Sakshi implores Krish to empathize with Mummy ji’s situation and requests him to prepare food and leave. Krish expresses his inability to cook due to his son’s illness and suggests that Indu take on the task. However, Indu declines, stating her busy schedule as she wants to prove herself equivalent to an American. She emphasizes not being addressed as ‘Aunty’. Bindiya inquires if she can call her ‘Kaki’, only for Indu to shut her down and instruct the servant to cook instead. The servant notifies of having another obligation, so Bindiya offers her services. Krish questions if she is serious, while Sakshi intervenes and insists on cooking for Mamta instead. Indu sets strict guidelines for Sakshi not to make any mistakes while cooking, worrying about her pride being tarnished. Despite this, Bindiya vows not to let go of her dignity and Krish finally intercedes by asking Kaka to depart.

During Sakshi’s preparation of Indu, Bindiya takes off her jewellery and bangles and starts cooking, while Indu wears heavy jewellery. Indu makes stuffed puris and pakodas and other items. When she washes her hand, the number was missing. As she switches off the stove, she finds the paneer tikka about to burn. She thinks of making a place in Maa ji’s heart and she will then get the number.


As Mamta misunderstands Bindiya to be the servant, she asks her to make tea. Indu is about to tell her, but Sakshi stops her. Later, Bindiya comes back and introduces herself as the bahu of the house.

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