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The Episode begins with Bindiya reassuring Indu that despite being raised in a village, she is not uneducated. She expresses her deep understanding of the situation and reveals that her happiness depends on the happiness of the household. To maintain it, she prays to Ambe Maa. Bindiya then acknowledges Indu as a mother figure, seeing her own mother’s traits in her. She explains how much joy Indu’s smile brings her and admits feeling unsettled when they have a disagreement. Apologizing with folded hands, Bindiya offers for Indu to wear the precious jewellery and assures that even in her dreams, she couldn’t imagine causing harm to her.

Vikram warns Sakshi to be careful, while Baldev instructs Indu to wear the jewellery as she has successfully obtained the answers. Indu expresses her frustration, stating that ever since she arrived here, she has been causing trouble. Krish is fed up with Bindiya’s constant tears not moving her, deeming it as a limit. Baldev attempts to reason with Indu and then asks for the locker keys, reminding her that she no longer has any association with wealth after giving away her jewellery. Sakshi intervenes and reminds everyone that this is a matter concerning women. She advises Bindiya to accept her destiny and tells Baldev that defeating Mummy ji is impossible. However, Bindiya clarifies that she doesn’t want to defeat Mummy ji but simply wishes to win her heart through love like Krishna ji did. Despite Sakshi’s efforts, Baldev persists in convincing Indu to wear the jewellery and asks Vikram to join him in his mission.

He asks him to get in touch with the contractor and asks when the meeting is? Baldev tells Bindiya he is pleased with the way she responded to Indu without insulting her. He asks her to wear the jewellery, and reminds her not to feel bad about Mummy’s anger, and says it comes and goes. He asks her to give Mummy some time. A young woman sits down and wears her bangles and jewellery. Krish asks her to chill out, and asks if she doesn’t want to ride the scooter. Bindiya declines.

In response to Baldev’s question, did you accept defeat? Baldev says I want to lose everything so I can win her heart. Baldev says you will succeed one day, and asks her to smile for her. He asks Krish to go out with Bindiya. Krish says he is tired. Baldev says he doesn’t get tired even after doing so much work. Krish asks Bindiya to come. Baldev asks her to ride the scooter with happiness.

Payal gives Rudra all the money. Krish tells Bindiya to ride slowly and gets scared saying if something happens to him. She says she can ride more faster, but follows the traffic rules, and don’t go over 60 mph. We should take care of each other in our relationship. Aadha Ishq plays…..Krish holds her and asks her to lower her speed. She says she will take a U turn.

Rudra inquires about the 200 Rs. that you gave me earlier, before requesting for an additional 800 Rs. As Bindiya and Krish are riding on the scooty, Krish notices Payal with Rudra and asks Bindiya to stop and reverse. Payal catches sight of him and hides with Rudra. Curious, Krish scans the area for them. Meanwhile, Rudra questions Payal if she intends to kidnap him, to which Payal urges him to stay quiet. Puzzled by Krish’s behavior, Bindiya asks what is going on. Krish explains that he spotted Payal here with a guy, but Bindiya dismisses his suspicion saying she must have a valid reason as she is currently attending college. Krish argues that she should be on holiday.

Bindiya mentions she will call her. Payal answers the phone and tells her she is currently with her teacher, then hangs up. Rudra compliments Bindiya’s behavior. Payal invites him to come along with her. Krish reveals he saw Pallu nearby. Bindiya explains that she thought Krish may be concerned for Pallu and informs him about bumping into Rudra at the café. Krish questions if this is a joke, to which Bindiya responds that Rudra attends their college. She adds that she did it for Pallu’s sake and assures Krish that once she meets Rudra tomorrow, Pallu will be content again. Krish advises Bindiya to return home while he deals with this issue; he takes an auto to speak with Payal later on.

As Sakshi tells Indu, they will not give importance to an illiterate girl, and she tells her that these jewellery is a sign of your pride, and she asks her to wear it for her. I wish my choti bahu was like you, and I got heera instead of zeera. Bindiya returns home. Sakshi asks where Krish is? Bindiya says she does not know where he is. Sakshi suggests Krish might be upset with you.


Payal says she doesn’t need you or your help, and Bindiya tells her to go back to Chiraiyya. She goes back to Chiraiyya.

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