Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Abhimanyu dialing Abhir’s number, which is answered by Abhir. Ruhi then enters and inquires about the call, to which Abhir responds that it’s from an unknown number. She cautions him not to talk as it could be a stranger who might deceive them into harm. However, Abhimanyu assures her that he didn’t speak and proceeds to explain the importance of the call. The constable reminds them that phone usage is prohibited. Meanwhile, Manjiri sobs in the background until Ruhi and Abhir join them. They express their concerns for their father and how much they miss him, especially during bedtime when Poppy would narrate stories to them. This makes Manjiri embrace them tightly as Ruhi asks about everyone else’s whereabouts, to which she replies that they are busy with a critical case at the hospital. Inquiring about any injuries, Abhir promises to pray for their speedy recovery.

I will pray for him today, Manjiri says. She makes the kids sleep. Shefali arrives. Abhinav’s surgery goes on. Akshara sees Abhinav’s pics with Abhir and smiles. Suwarna cries. Judaai…plays… Abhimanyu remembers Abhinav. Akshara also thinks of him. Ruhi and Abhir whisper to each other in sleep. Manjiri cries. She says talk to Akshara once, you know Abhimanyu can’t do this. Shefali says I will try.

Manish is overcome with emotions at the thought of Abhinav, while the nurse attends to him by taking a blood packet. Akshara and the rest of the family are filled with worry, as she gazes at a picture of Abhinav. The next morning, Akshara continues to cry while performing aarti. Suddenly, Muskaan calls out to her and informs her that Bhai ji is now out of danger according to the doctors. Overjoyed, Akshara expresses her gratitude to Kanha ji and picks a flower, believing that Abhinav will soon recover. Manish and Kairav also confirm that Abhinav’s condition has stabilized. With hope in her heart, Akshara envisions taking Abhinav home once he’s fully healed and embraces everyone in joyous relief.

Akshara inquires, “Can I meet him once?” To which Aarohi responds, “When he settles in the room.” Akshara then clarifies, “It’s Ruhi’s call, it’s Abhir,” and proceeds to take the call. Abhir shares details about his dream with Abhinav and Akshara. She reassures him that their morning dream will come true as they plan to go to Disneyland. He questions her about not coming to pick him up at which she explains that they are currently dealing with an important case involving a patient they both know. However, she promises to join him soon. He expresses his desire to return home with her and their father as their house is eagerly waiting for them. Akshara agrees and adds that they will head home shortly. Just then, Shefali arrives and embraces her. Shehali mentions feeling upset upon hearing about Abhinav’s condition but is now relieved knowing he is doing fine and everyone is happy. Akshara seeks reassurance from her by asking if she is certain, to which Shefali responds affirmatively citing their mutual acquaintance with Abhimanyu.

Akshara mentioned that she is unaware of his animosity, while Shefali stood up for Abhimanyu. Muskaan then joined in, stating that Abhimanyu will face consequences for his actions and they do not wish to maintain any ties with his family. Parth informed them about the treatment being carried out at Birla happiness and offered to cover the expenses, asking them to take care and show respect. Despite Shefali’s efforts to speak, Akshara refused to listen and left. Shefali then sent an audio message to Manjiri, expressing her failed attempt to reason with Akshara. Later, Manjiri met with Abhimanyu and embraced him. The lawyer assured them that if Abhinav tells the truth, he can be saved from any legal issues. He then left, leaving Manjiri to console Abhimanyu and assure him not to worry.

The doctor asks Akshara how her surgery went, if she told Abhir, no. She tells him that Abhinav is safe. The doctor says no, 24 hours are critical. Akshara and everyone visit Abhinav. She says Abhinav…. He opens his eyes and sees everyone. Everyone leaves. Manish says Akshara called him and he woke up. She puts the flower aside and holds Abhinav’s hand. They smile.


They both hug Abhinav. They both say I love you. He dies. She shouts doctor. Abhimanyu is in jail. He thinks about Abhinav.

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