Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd June 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the beginning, Abhimanyu spots Akshara and Abhinav, and proceeds to embrace Abhir. He reassures the child that neither he nor Akshara are at fault, as she is a wonderful person; perhaps their dad is to blame. He continues to express his love for Abhir, who begins to weep. Eventually, Abhinav arrives and offers to take Abhir to school. Reluctantly, Abhimanyu lets go of his hand and watches as they leave together. Before leaving, Abhinav reminds Abhir to study hard and not overexert himself, as per the doctor’s orders. He also mentions that he will be taking Akshara for her exam and Neela will pick up Abhir later on.

He says if you weren’t my dad, would you still love me so much. Abhinav asks him to go. He says why did he ask this, does he know, did Abhimanyu tell him, no, why would he tell me that?

Akshara prays to Kanha ji and says she wants to pass this exam and become a good lawyer. Abhimanyu says relax, feeling scared means you’re confident, you won’t fail.

She asks where are you, and Abhinav says I’m ready. He tells her about the landslide. She asks what landslide. Abhimanyu tells her where he is, I will go and pick him up. Abhinav says the roads are blocked, so I cannot come, so you have to go to the exam. She asks him to have some food. He wishes her all the lunch. Abhimanyu asks if he’s okay. She says yes, if you have to leave, give Neela the keys.

Kairav approached Manish with tears in his eyes, admitting his mistakes and apologizing. He explained that he was afraid to accept his feelings for someone and had hurt her unintentionally. He pleaded with Manish not to separate him from her and asked for guidance. Manish replied by encouraging Kairav to trust in himself and his love, assuring him that if the person he loves also trusts in their love, he would speak to Neela and Abhinav about it. Kairav nodded in understanding. Meanwhile, Akshara rushed to the bus stop and inquired about the bus schedule. Unfortunately, she was informed that the next one would not arrive for another half an hour, causing her concern.

Abhimanyu approaches her and invites her to join him in the car. He explains that he was unable to find a taxi or driver, so he took it upon himself to acquire the vehicle. He believes that it was fate that allowed her the opportunity to pursue her dreams and encourages her to come along as they drive towards her exam. Upon reaching their destination, she begins studying. As they travel, she starts to doubt her decision and wonders if she will once again miss her exam. To ease her worries, Abhimanyu suggests not stressing and even resorting to cheating if necessary. Confused, she questions how she can become a good lawyer if cheating is involved. With a hint of humor in his tone, he reassures her that becoming a successful lawyer takes years of practice and shouldn’t focus on cheating. She playfully reminds him of his past academic success, questioning why he would even consider cheating when he was always at the top of his class.

In response, Surekha asks what, Kairav and Muskaan. Suvarna replies if he loves her, we should support him. Surekha says Abhinav is poor and an orphan, Akshara married him, will we get a poor bahu, if you didn’t support him in Abhir’s treatment, then was it possible, could Abhinav save Abhir if Abhimanyu didn’t help, Muskaan just has Neela with her. There’s no marriage between you and Manish, according to Manish.

Suvarna expresses her trust in Kairav’s decision, but Surekha argues against it. Dadi, on the other hand, refuses to accept this relationship. This leaves Manish and Suvarna shocked. Meanwhile, Ruhi contacts Abhimanyu, who is currently driving and answers the call on speaker. He requests to talk later due to being occupied with driving. However, Ruhi urgently needs to share a secret about Abhir’s real father and pleads for his help. Akshara is taken aback by this revelation while Abhimanyu abruptly ends the call. Despite Akshara’s insistence, he continues driving towards her exam location until she finally convinces him to stop the car and let her out.

She chastises Abhimanyu for revealing the truth to Abhir. He denies telling him anything, explaining that he overheard their conversation and only knows half of the story. However, he was curious about the full truth. They reassure each other that they will handle the situation, but she realizes there is only five minutes left before her exam. She expresses her need to go to Abhir, but he reminds her that she has a greater responsibility – becoming a lawyer. He urges her to go take her exam as she will eventually have to face him in court. He even offers her a ride in the car so she doesn’t miss the exam. In the meantime, she receives a message from Abhinav which prompts them both to think fast as time is running out. In need of transportation, she flags down Payal and gratefully accepts a ride from her. This action angers Abhimanyu even more.


Then Abhir says, promise me you won’t tell anyone, my Papa isn’t my real dad, please help me find him. Abhimanyu cries. Akshara is stunned.

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