Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 15th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Manish taunting Manjiri, who then notices Akshara and becomes emotional. While Akshara also witnesses Abhinav leaving, she quickly calls out to him and stops him. With a smile, he reassures her that there is no need to cry as it is natural for the soul to meet God. He reminds her to stay true to herself and be happy, as they will reunite again. After he departs, Akshara drops the firetorch in tears, but Kairav, Aarohi and Muskaan arrive just in time to prevent any harm. As she reflects on Abhinav’s words, Akshara’s thoughts are consumed by him.

Ruhi inquires about the whereabouts of everyone, while Abhir wonders why they can’t go downstairs. Dadi is shedding tears, and Surekha reveals that their relative is ill and hospitalized, causing everyone to rush there. As a result, they are unable to host a party. Abhir then questions why their father did not come home, to which Surekha reassures him that he will arrive later on. Expressing his grief, Abhir mentions missing their father while Ruhi also shares her longing for Poppy. Just then, Manish hands over Abhinav’s ashes to Abhimanyu who remembers his late friend and breaks down in tears. Manish scolds Abhimanyu for being responsible for Abhinav’s death and states that he not only took away Akshara’s husband but also robbed Abhir of his father.

He says Abhinav was my friend. Manish says he was nothing to you, you killed him, your love for Abhir got so strong that… Abhimanyu says you think I can do this. You are lying. I have seen you pushing you down the cliff, you are a murderer. Abhinav has left, but I am alive, I will settle scores of Abhir and Akshara’s tears, the hearing begins tomorrow, I swear on Abhinav’s ashes, I will put you behind bars. Abhimanyu cries. He leaves.

Manjiri comes across the news of Abhimanyu’s arrest. Surekha believes this to be just the beginning as Abhimanyu has been accused of murder. She warns everyone to be prepared for what may happen once the case reaches court. Manish expresses his frustration with the media frenzy and urges their lawyer, Swati, to put a stop to it. However, Swati informs them that they have no control over the situation and that all of them will have to give statements in court. Abhimanyu’s lawyer, Mathur, reminds them that they cannot afford any mistakes as it will make it difficult to save him. Manish agrees, stating that he does not want Akshara to go through more pain and does not want her sorrow to be exploited for public entertainment. He reveals that she is broken and will not come, but she proves him wrong by entering the room at that moment.


Manish tells Akshara that we have to tell the kids the truth. Abhir and Ruhi notice the garlands on Abhinav’s picture. Abhir inquires about the garlands on Abhinav’s picture.


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