Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai -

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 23rd January 2024 Written Episode Update on

Armaan tells everyone that Ruhi knows that our marriage is a one-year contract. Everyone is shocked, and Kaveri stumbles. Armaan says it’s a huge shock, but I’m helpless. Kaveri thinks she’ll end this matter. She pulls Abhira. Abhira holds Armaan’s hand. Dadi says I knew this girl wasn’t appropriate for Armaan and this house. She pulls her mangalsutra.

Abhira is shocked. Armaan worries. Sanjay stops him. Dadi scolds Abhira. She tells Armaan Abhira will go, and Ruhi will come back. I remove Abhira from Armaan’s life, and the Poddar family gets lost. He sees Abhira. Ruhi was upset by the party and picnic confusion, and Armaan defended me. Dadi asks who you are to talk between us, did I ask you, get away from my sight.

Abhira cries and runs. Dadi scolds Armaan. Armaan apologizes. Ruhi dealt with Rohit’s departure with difficulty, and I’ll get her back. Dadi says you must get her and won’t dine with anyone until she returns. Suwarna says you’ve come because of Armaan. Ruhi wants to meet you, but he hasn’t done anything. Armaan calls her. I made a mistake. Come back, Ruhi. Please return.

Ruhi says maybe Mom forgot the medicines, so he’s calling. Suwarna leaves. Vidya reaches out to Ruhi. She says I’m sorry, forget everything and come back. Ruhi says I need some time. Vidya says take your time, will you come back. Ruhi makes excuses and ends the call. Vidya says Rohit left first, and now Ruhi. Ruhi apologizes, Maa.

Abhira and Radhika are having a heated argument over the phone. Radhika expresses her frustration with Abhira’s handwriting, to which Armaan comes into the picture. After checking the papers, he reminisces about Rohit’s even worse handwriting and offers to help decode the notes. Armaan then reminds Radhika that he is bringing lunch for her today, but she declines his offer. Undeterred, he insists they eat together and explains that Dadisa has forbidden him from dining with her until Ruhi’s return. As Radhika finally understands his eagerness to have lunch together, Armaan suggests they dig in as the food is delicious. However, he realizes he forgot a spoon, and Radhika quickly fetches it for him. Curious about what’s going on between them, Armaan asks for clarification.

According to her, Dadisa always prohibited me from sitting at the dining table. In addition, your mother and aunt disapproved of my presence in the kitchen. In response, I have created my mini kitchen here to minimize my visits to the central kitchen. Unfortunately, I have no one else to confide in, and you cannot keep my secret either. I did not steal this item from the office; I purchased it. With a hug, he confesses that although he used to dine with his family daily, his only duty was to bring food for her, and he never considered that she might need more than that. The realization brings them both to tears. He urges her to sit down and reminds her of her strength, but admits that he is not accustomed to eating alone and asks her to please eat for his sake. As he checks his messages, silence falls between them.

She hears his apology. He says to wait for Abhira. They argue. She doesn’t say sorry to her but don’t ruin my self-respect. You have food now. She leaves. Armaan says Ruhi will be brought back, so trust him. Dadi says I promised to keep Ruhi as my daughter, but he doesn’t care about anything. Sanjay says he doesn’t see anything except Abhira. Vidya asks Manisha for food. She thinks Ruhi may have said something wrong.

Vidya is confident that Ruhi could not be wrong, but her statement is quickly interrupted by Madhav’s arrival. Manoj then invites Manisha to join them, while Vidya reminds Madhav that he had planned to take a two-day leave. However, Madhav admits his mistake in resolving their relationship issues, and Dadi expresses her hope that everyone will be happy. Sanjay points out that the trouble started after Abhira’s arrival. This leads to an argument between Vidya and Madhav. Taking a more neutral stance, Kajal suggests giving Ruhi and Abhira time to sort things out. Sanjay agrees, noting that although Ruhi continues to make an effort, Abhira seems to influence their children and the family as a whole strongly.

Ruhi spends time with the family. She needs to take Armaan’s call. Abhira cries. Armaan thinks of Abhira. Tut ke hum dono mein….plays…. He asks why Ruhi does not answer. Previously, we had misunderstandings, so he had to come and show me how much better I am than Abhira, and then I would decide if I had to go back there. Abhira is crying. He says I need to do more meaningful work than this. He leaves. Abhira sees him.


Ruhi sees Armaan and says I knew you would come. Abhira calls to ask where the headache medicine is. He comes home and finds Abhira crying. He sees Yuvraj’s picture on her phone and says he is in Udaipur.

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