Maati Se Bandhi Dor 30th May 2024 Written Episode Update

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 30th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Vasundhara asks Jaikant in the episode to apologize to Vaiju. Rao Sahab says he will not apologize to a girl. She says he has to apologize today. Jaya calls Aai. Aai asks how are you? Jaya says I am fine, where is Vaiju, did the alliance work out? Vaiju sits sad on the bench. Kaveri says it’s normal now that Vaiju gets rejected. You find a nice guy for yourself.

Jaya talks with Vaiju and seems happy. Jaya says good will happen with you. She receives Ranvijay’s friend request. He thinks of Ranvijay. She messages him. Durga/Aai meet Pandit. He says I have an alliance for your daughter. Aai says it’s good. Vaiju and Kaveri aren’t home. She gives him water and asks about him. The man says he is an educated man, he is from a rich family, he lives in a city. She is happy for Jaya.

They have sent the alliance for Vaiju, he says. He says good shagun, and they want a girl like Vaiju. The light comes. Aai thinks of Jaya. She sees the pic and thinks the guy is lovely and his alliance with Jaya should be fixed. She hides the picture. Vaiju returns home. Jaikant recalls the slap. His mum asks him to apologize to that girl. He declines.

She urges him to consider things with a clear mind, then departs. Later, Aai, Vaiju and Kaveri engage in conversation. Vaiju shares her belief that every girl longs for a family. Soon after, Jaikant arrives at Vaiju’s home to offer his apologies. Vasundhara calls and speaks to Vaiju, stating that she has sent Jaikant to make amends and has forgiven her for her actions. She cautions Vaiju not to prolong the issue. In response, Vaiju asks if Vasundhara would forgive her if she had spoken up about their land being taken over. She accuses Vasundhara of sending a drunken man to a girl’s house late at night and questions her true intentions. She asserts that their land is not for sale. After this exchange, Jaikant leaves the premises.

She recalls her words. She calls Ranvijay. He asks what’s wrong. She tells about Vaiju. He says I can’t see you sad. She says everything is fine. He says I’m fine if you smile, take care, I’ll be home soon.

Vaiju receives the money and notices that it is a small amount. Kaveri then explains that their mother, Aai, was recently sick, and they are facing financial struggles. Vaiju spots some bangles and recalls how her mother gifted them to her. She suggests mortgaging them to make some money and redeeming them later. Upon Aai’s request, Kaveri goes to wash clothes. While sorting through the belongings, Vaiju discovers a picture of Ranvijay and smiles genuinely. Her friend teasingly asks if she likes him, to which Vaiju responds with uncertainty as she doesn’t know who he is. Her friend playfully adds that he will soon become their brother-in-law (Jija ji). Vaiju expresses hope in meeting this mysterious man soon, while he plans on meeting her and teaching her a lesson.


Jaya meets Ranvijay. Ranvijay apologizes. Vaiju imagines Ranvijay. He speaks to Jaya on the phone. Jaya laughs when Vaiju scolds her.

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