Kavya 24th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Adi Arrested, Kavya Vows to Uncover Truth


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Kavya holds Adi and cries as Giriraj and Badi Amma try to stop his arrest. The inspector says there is proof against Adi, and Naina has come to the police station to file an FIR. Adi is taken away. He says I didn’t do anything, Kavya. He is locked up. Adi says get me out of here, and I’m innocent. Giriraj thinks I will get you out, Adi asks.

This is no use to Giriraj. He says Inspector, this news shouldn’t be spread. He bribes them. The inspector says don’t worry, they won’t know. The manager says Adi and Naina were awake when they arrived, so they went to the room. The manager says Adi booked the room. Kavya asks who made the booking. He shows her the register entry. He shows her the CCTV footage. He shows her Adi and Naina entering the room. She cries as she sees the footage.

It appears Giriraj has stopped the police from leaking the news, and I will spread the word or all our efforts will be lost. Badi Amma says no, you blame Adi once you have proof. She calls Kishor and sends him to the police station. He says he is Naina’s father. Badi Amma shows Adi on the video call. Badi Amma and Anurag are happy.

As he says, no one will doubt or know this, and I suspect Naina will change her position. Badi Amma says Naina is helpless; we will control her. Sanjeev calls Kavya and tells her not to worry. Kavya thanks him. He says no harm will come to Adi. Kishor gets Naina. He says I won’t leave you and Adi behind. He says Naina is a liar. He calls her a liar.

She asks Adi to calm down, and they hug and cry. She says she has seen the hotel’s CCTV footage; you and Naina entered the room together. He says you want me to trust you. She says you want me to listen to you. Could you answer me? He says I am innocent. Tell me why I went to the hotel room. She says I can’t deny what I have seen.

Adi says I don’t remember anything, and I’m telling the truth. She asks why you booked the truth. He says Mishra ji was coming here. Badi Amma says she heard Adi booking the room and got this chance. Kavya says I’m with you, don’t worry, I love you, I’ll find the proof. Adi gets the bail. He thinks I’ll prove my innocence. Giriraj says your career will be ruined. Get rid of this case. Adi says you think it was me.

He says, “Don’t care, just bribe him and shut his mouth.” Adi says he will prove himself innocent, but Badi Amma laughs and tells him to save himself. Badi Amma says, “Save yourself, Adi.” Anurag asks how he knew about Giriraj. Badi Amma says he knew and would do this to cover the situation. Kavya and Adi go to the media. Giriraj asks what the drama is about.


Kavya replies that she will support the truth when reporters ask her who she will support.

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