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We will go there together, Tejas says to Kaka in the episode. He said you would introduce me as your boss, who has come here for a big order. Kaka says if she hides, then… Tejas says you can ask the house servant and tell him she is your relative. He says Anirudh married her. He will identify you.

Everyone dines. Dada asks Shubh did you call the caterers? Shubh says yes, I am handling the expenses, but you always give me the same advice. Tanuja says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Lal asks about the bachelor’s party. Anirudh smiles. Bipasha says you need to take me shopping.

Tanuja says everyone will wear new clothes, Bipasha, buy anything you like, Shubh’s gift. Bipasha thanks them. Appu says everyone is getting new clothes, and I also want new clothes. Anjana says no, you already have many clothes. When Lal asks you if you are like us, you tell us no. You are still like a child, even though you are 30 years old.

Anirudh says you are a professor in college and you have such thinking, you should understand her condition. He knows she is different, and he knows she needs support. When we aren’t there, he will take care of her. Lal says don’t taunt, Appu is special, but that doesn’t mean she gets adamant about everything, Shubh says teach her some manners.

In Chotan’s opinion, if Anjana leaves the kitchen, you must go to the office with an empty stomach. Jhanak is now helping Anjana. Shubh asks Shyam isn’t there? Should I hire ten servants? Anirudh says not to say that Shyam isn’t a servant. Bipasha says Jhanak received some gifts during the Sindoor ceremony, but that doesn’t mean she will become a family member.

Don’t make this mistake whenever you make Jhanak a member of your family. Tanuja says don’t repeat it. Jethu says don’t act smart. Jhanak says I have to raise my voice when it is about me. Shubh shouts enough: Don’t argue, focus on your work. If anyone feels bad, Jhanak apologizes. Kaka takes Tejas to Anirudh’s house. Tejas smiles as he arrives.

He told me to inform Shrishti about my arrival. Kaka tried hard, but the house was locked. Tejas scolded him for not waiting outside. Jhanak offered to make tea. Appu asked Anjana to give Jhanak breakfast. Bipasha asked Appu to go to her room and come for lunch. Appu made a joke about her. Lal pointed out her behaviour to Anirudh, who reminded her not to speak that way since he had taught her better. She suggested talking with love and wondered why no one teaches them that instead of always scolding herself and Jhanak. Bipasha agreed and added that she would be gone someday, leaving them without anyone to care for. Appu joked that she won’t be able to handle it alone then.

It’s okay, your King has come, Tejas says. Jhanak has found a palace for herself. Jhanak asks Appu to have her food. Appu says to learn how to talk with love from Jhanak. Tejas says step back, you are a baraati. He rings the doorbell. Jhanak opens the door, shocked to see Tejas. Appu says I asked Shyam to get chocolates.

Then Anirudh asks, Jhanak? Tejas says that we are selling shawls from Kashmir. Shubh says we don’t need a shawl; just leave. Kaka says we spoke to Shyam; he called us here. Tanuja says we have work; just leave. He is my boss. He came to meet the customers; give us two minutes. Shubh says that we don’t want it.

He asks Ashok/Kaka to pay close attention to your family. Anirudh hears them. Kaka says she’s the one. Bipasha asks if you’re from Jhanak’s village. She asks Jhanak if you know them. Tejas says yes, Jhanak, tell me my name. You got married and didn’t tell me. When Anirudh sees Tejas, he is shocked.

It is a business, he asks. Tejas replies, “How are you, Jamai Babu?” Tanuja asks if he knows Anirudh. Tejas says yes, we met at a wedding in Kashmir. Lal says you met at Arshi’s Mama’s house. Tejas says yes, at the wedding of Bharat’s daughter. Anirudh says no, we don’t want shawls. You may leave. Tejas says okay, at least make me a cup of tea. Anirudh says no. Lal says sure, welcome.

Shubh asks Tejas to sit. He says you know Bharat well. Tejas says yes, I know Shrishti too. Shubh says great. He asks Anjana to get tea. Tejas smiles, seeing Jhanak. He asks if Jhanak is your wife. Shubh laughs and says look at her. Does she look like our wife? Appu says her husband is someone else, and he stays far away.

Tejas says right, Jhanak’s husband stays far from her. I know him well. He sees Anirudh. Anirudh asks Jhanak to go upstairs. Tejas says wait, Jhanak, we’ll refresh it, don’t leave. Chotan asks how do you know Jhanak? He says the entire village knows Jhanak and her mum. He doesn’t know how they know. You said she wasn’t your daughter but had Sindoor, so I don’t know how they know.

He asks Jhanak, did you marry any Bengali Babu? Chotan says you should know her husband is in Srinagar. Tejas says yes, but what’s the matter, does your husband want you to come with him or do you not want to? In response to Jhanak’s question, Tejas asks what you’re doing here, leaving everything in Kashmir, where your husband is, and what his name is.

Anjana gets tea. Anirudh tells Tejas to leave and have tea. Tejas says what’s the hurry, you’re marrying Arshi, I’m from your Sasural, why don’t you serve me? Tanuja says you said you knew her husband, and you are asking his name. Tejas says he knows him, but he has no idea if she regards him as her husband. Jhanak turns to leave when Anirudh signs her to do so.

He goes to Jhanak and says, “I have to show you something. I’ll talk to her.” Tanuja asks if she does not wish to talk to him. Tejas says she might be feeling shy in front of you all. He shows the wedding photos. Shubh says it’s okay; he’s from her village. Let them talk. He says if I show it here, everyone will see it so you might have a problem.

Tejas says, “Come, I’ll show you too.” Anirudh and Jhanak are shocked.


Chotan sees Jhanak at the bus stop. She says she is meeting her relative. Tejas wait for her. Chotan tells Anirudh about Jhanak.

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