Dabangii 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya’s Arrival at Ankush’s House

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Ankush gives Arya her locket and makes her wear it. They leave. Satya recalls the lady’s words. Jaanrao says you know Ankush well. Satya says yes. I was away from him for 8 years, and something would have happened to him, some weak moment. I don’t know how someone could be so clean. Find something, blame him, defame him. We need to do something to end his chapter. Ankush comes home. Bela asks where you were. Baba signs him. Ankush gets Arya. Zai says she was the girl who cut Tanmay’s nose.

Arya tries to run, thinking that I wouldn’t leave her today. Tanmay says I won’t leave her today. Zai stops her. Tanmay runs after Arya. Bela asks who this girl is. Arya climbs the tree. Tanmay falls. Arya laughs and jokes. Zai says I’ll catch you. Arya asks her to try. Zai thinks my dress will be ruined. Arya eats the berries.

Seeing Ankush’s image stain Satya’s shirt, Arya throws a berry. Satya turns to see. Arya hits the berries at Tanmay. Tanmay says, “I’ll come up and show you.” He falls and screams as he sees Satya. He jumps down the tree. She sees Satya. Satya thinks she got me insulted me, so it is good I got her here. Arya stares at him and imitates him.

She thinks she isn’t scared of him. Tanmay says she is the girl who tore my shirt at school. Satya says you made a big mistake at school. Arya says Tanmay is always after me. Satya shouts at her. He asks if he will tear his clothes. Arya says if he comes after me, I’ll make his chutney. Ankush stops Satya.

Satya claims you always rescue the individual who misbehaves towards me. She had previously injured Tanmay’s nose and damaged his clothing and is now behaving rudely again. Arya defends that Tanmay deserves this treatment, but it’s a lengthy tale. Tanmay interjects to tell Arya to be quiet. Satya insists that this girl must not cross paths with my son again. In response, he brings Tanmay home. Zai suggests the girl should be imprisoned for her actions while Bela escorts Zai home. Zai wonders why their father is protecting that girl, and Ankush declares they must refrain from wrongdoing and follow him before taking Arya home. Jaanrao mentions that the girl is associated with Ankush.

She asks Ankush who is Arya and asks Zai to stop arguing. Satya says I am also trying to understand. Zai and Arya argue. Bela asks Zai to stop. Arya meets Baba and hugs him. Ankush says she is my informer’s daughter. Her parents have died, so I had to get her here. Then she asks Bela how she knows him. Baba says I saw her at the police station. Ankush says Baba spoke to her with love. Zai cries and leaves.

She is innocent; she lost her parents, and she will stay here for now, Bela says. Ankush says I’ll put her in an orphanage if you have a problem. He asks sure. She says yes. Ankush goes to Baba and says everything is fine, Arya had cut Tanmay’s nose, Satya was scolding her, but he did not identify her. Kasturi says I’ll teach her a lesson. Satya says calm down. She says you don’t get angry, right? Aai says Kasturi doesn’t have the sense to ask what brought that girl here.

Tanmay says she also tore my clothes. Satya asks what his name is, and Aai scolds him. Aai says Kasturi wants him to be like you, Satya. Kasturi says he is a little kid. Aai says he isn’t so young. Kasturi says I didn’t give him such values to hit a girl. Aai says you don’t have values.

Aai says leave this work to me, I’ll find out, Satya asks Jaanrao to find out who that girl is. Arya goes. Arya talks to Baba. Arya hugs him. She says it’s good that you’re here. Satya says fine, we have to find out who is this girl and what she’s doing with Ankush.

When Bela hears her, he thinks of how Ankush made her talk to her father. As soon as Arya sees the food, she says, wow, you know I am hungry, will you feed me food and lock me up, I am tired. Bela says no. Arya eats the food and gets happy. Bela asks who this girl is, Ankush never told her about her, something is wrong. Baba thinks about how to answer Bela.


When Aai meets Arya, she asks who this girl is. Ankush replies that she is my informant’s daughter. Satya talks to the school principal and devises a plan to defame Ankush.

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