Anupama Written episode 22nd Feb 2023

Anupama written update

Today’s episode of Anupama begins with Kinjal feeding Toshu. Vanraj reminds him that after breakfast they are going to the hospital for a check-up. Toshu asks for Anupama. Baa says she has gone for a picnic hence she will not be coming. Just then Anupama enters.

The Shah family ask Anupama why she did not go for the picnic. She says Anuj stopped her because in case there is an emergency here then she would have to come back. She tells Bapuji that because of the constant phone calls from everyone Anuj asked her to stay back. She asks Samar and Kinjal that when she had explained everything tot them what was the reason for them to keep calling her for everything. They are living in their own house and should know where things are kept.

Baa says she can go for the picnic the next day. Anupama tells them that Maaya has already gone in her place.

Anuj is at the picnic but his mind keeps wandering to Anupama. Anupama calls Anuj to check if everything is okay. Maaya does not like Anupama calling. Anupama is happy to see Little Anu playing. Anupama hears an announcement for Mr. and Mrs. Kapadia and gets upset. Vanraj overhears the conversation.

Anupama gets ready to go back home but the family convince her to stay back. She refused but when Toshu also pleads she agrees. The kids are thrilled

At the picnic, the organizers arrange a couple game for parents. Anuj again gets upset when they are addressed as a couple. Maaya says for Little Anu’s sake he should not get upset. For her sake, they should ignore what people say and take part in the games.

At the Shah house, a family get-together is arranged. Kavya sees Vanraj watching Anupam. Dimple comes and joins them at Samar’s invitation. To everyone’s surprise, Baa welcomes her. Baa comments that Vanraj is happy today after Anupama has come. Kavya overhears the conversation.

At the picnic, the parents are given the task of making their wives Egyptian mummies by rolling tissue rolls around them.

At the Shah house everyone is given chits and teams of two are formed. Vanraj and Anupama land up as a team.

Anuj loses the game on purpose.

At home, Vanraj and Anupama win the game. Vanraj says they have won the game because of good coordination between them, Baa also agrees that till today they understand each other well. Kavya is not happy hearing this.

Little Anu forces Maaya to take part in the dance and at home the kids force Anupama to perform a dance for them.


Anupama is trying to call Anuj but he does not pick up the phone.

Anuj and Maaya go for a walk. Suddenly Maaya sees someone and freezes. Anuj looks at Maaya and then at the man.

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