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In the kitchen, Jasodha tells everyone that no one will serve food to Meet. Jasodha asks for Bhog Thali. Sapna says it’s ready. Meet leaves. Meet in the corridor says I won’t wait for them to serve me food, I’ll go out and eat. Behind him, a girl shouts, “Wait, you can’t go out.” She says women in this house can’t go out. Meet asks, “Why don’t you go to school?”.

It’s okay if I go out with Veer, but I can’t go out alone. Meet asks, don’t you feel like going out with friends and hanging out? She says yes, but no one is allowed. Meet says she’s right, I can’t leave this house. Jasodha says she has taken away the freedom of every woman and girl in this house, so I have to respond to her. Jasodha shouts and asks who gave you food? Meet shows her the Thali kept in the temple and says, God. Jasodha is shocked and says the food was wonderful.

Assodha tells Meet, “You’ve crossed the line” and raises her hand to strike her. Imarti shouts it’s a disaster and runs away to call Manmeet. Meet tells Jasodha that everyone is the same, but humans discriminate. Imarti calls Manmeet and asks Meet to leave Jasodha’s hand.

After walking up to her, Manmeet asks her to let go. I left her hand and said you asked me to leave hand, so I did it because I am a good wife, but you are not a good husband, and if you had eaten with me, I would not have eaten temple food. You promised me to give him everything, but you did nothing and mocked him. Jasodha says it’s enough and tries to get the sword. Manmeet says to keep quiet. He says something in her ear. Jasodha says to Manmeet that you are great.

Meet in the corridor says Manmeet didn’t scold me about my mess in the afternoon. Gunwanti and Sapna leave her room with a bucket. Jasodha, Imarti, Gunwanti looking at Meet. Jasodha says he will teach her a lesson now.

When Manmeet drags Meet inside, he says, “Did you like our first-night stage?” Meet says, “What is this nonsense?” Manmeet says that since we got married today, we are celebrating our first night. He holds her tightly and shows her arrangements and says this is done for us. Meeting tries to leave, but Manmeet traps her and tells her that this is her first time, so you are feeling strange.

Jasodha hands Imarti a thali and tells her to take it to Manmeet’s room. Imarti walks inside and says to Meet, “I’ll help you get ready.” Manmeet said, “You know Meet doesn’t like to dress up, I know what she likes.” Imarti says to Manmeet you can make her wear anything else later, but now she has to prepare with different clothes. Jasodha asks Gunwanti to bring milk inside.

Then Imarti came back with Meet all dressed up. Gunwanti came up with kesar milk and said Jasodha sent it for you. Manmeet said I’m not worried, I’ll have milk today. Gunwanti walked out of the room. Manmeet walked towards Meet. Manmeet says that until I come back from the main door, you have a chance to run. Otherwise, we both will be celebrating our first night together. Imarti stops him and says you must follow the ritual first then you can celebrate the first night with us.

Imarti counting steps and money. Meet remembers Chanda warning her about Man in Sarkar’s Palace. Shagun calls Meet and says your Manmeet has promised you a lot, but tonight I will ruin every promise. I have called to let you know that this is our first night and you can find someone else for you.

Meet says now he is into me. Shagun says you can celebrate with him. Meet is shocked. Shagun says don’t worry he will get back to me in the end.

She asks Meet, “Do not behave in such a way that encourages men to disrespect women.” Shagun replies, “Why don’t you leave and go?” Meet disconnects the call. Imarti finishes counting steps and asks Manmeet for 60,000/-. Manmeet gives her the money. Imarti says, “Now go inside.”

Meet gets scared of Manmeet and stands in corner. Manmeet asks why is he standing there. Meet gets scared and asks him to stay away. Manmeet says I’ll give you one more chance and cracks a joke.

As Manmeet holds her hand, he says, “You are my wife, and we are married, so we should have our first night.” Meet gets away from him and throws an apple at him. He says you can’t touch me without my permission, and Manmeet holds her tight. The woman is told to remove her jewellery from her waist and that you said no one could touch her, but I did. She is asked to wear a nighty by Manmeet, and he tells her that there is still time to escape.

Manmeet throws her jewellery and says stop your nonsense. Meet ties Manmeet’s hand with her jewellery to bed and laughs at her.


He says I’ll kill you if you don’t open my hand. Meet lights incense sticks in front of Manmeet’s nose so that he goes unconscious.

Mahendra walks to Manmeet the next morning and asks how his first night went. Manmeet says his head hurts.

Seeing Manmeet’s tattoo on his hand, Jasodha says I’m Meet’s husband. Everyone is shocked when they see the tattoo on his hand.

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