Meet 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Priyanka Accepts Raj’s Proposal Amidst Tensions


Meet 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Despite Raj’s stern warning for Pankhuri to stop contacting him, she remains determined to win him over. When Raj shows up at the Chowdhury house, Pankhuri wonders if he has come to reveal the truth. However, Shlok becomes angry and demands that Raj leave. Poonam intervenes and asks Sumeet to bring Priyanka to the room. Sumeet then explains that Raj has a marriage proposal for Priyanka. Poonam firmly states that it is ultimately Priyanka’s decision to make, while Shlok advises her to ask all her questions before saying yes.

Priyanka vividly remembers the conversation with Raj, who confided in her about Pankhuri’s allegations and how he helped her out of remorse. He also reassured her of his love. Dadi and Poonam urged Priyanka to decide based on her feelings, without any pressure. After careful consideration, Priyanka chooses to marry Raj because he is completely transparent with her. When Shlok inquires about the details, Priyanka respectfully declines to share them and emphasizes that it is between her and Raj. She expresses her faith in Raj and asks Shlok not to direct his anger towards Sumeet.

All three fathers respect Priyanka’s decision and give her their blessings. Poonam announces that the wedding will take place in two days, and the haldi ceremony will occur today. Dadi urges Shlok to embrace his sister’s happiness and forget the past. Raj and Priyanka’s haldi ceremony begins. Sumeet tries to speak to Shlok, but he refuses.

Priyanka is determined to prevent the marriage. Sumeet goes to fetch her, thanking her for trusting Raj and assuring her that she can also trust her. Sumeet asks Priyanka to share Raj’s secret, but Priyanka refuses. Since Raj has never hidden anything from Sumeet, Sumeet wonders what the secret might be.

Pankhuri approaches Shlok, urging him to stop the marriage because Priyanka is innocent. She manipulates Shlok emotionally. Shlok says he’s against the wedding but feels powerless since Priyanka herself wants to get married. Raj smiles at Priyanka and takes a seat beside her. Sumeet tries to talk to Shlok, but he continues to ignore her. Anju brings the Haldi.

Pankhuri remembers seizing Raj’s letter and anticipates that his rage will surface once Shlok uncovers the truth. Sneakily, she slips the letter into Shlok’s pocket while he’s on the phone. As family members apply haldi to Raj and Priyanka, Pankhuri approaches Shlok for a handkerchief, causing the letter to drop out. Upon noticing it, Shlok peruses its contents. He pulls Pankhuri aside and inquires about the validity of the letter. Tears stream down Pankhuri’s face as she resumes her charade, falsely accusing Raj of misconduct and insinuating that Sumeet is aware of everything since it transpired.

While Sumeet reads Raj’s letter, Shlok interrupts the wedding ritual and confronts Sumeet for supporting Raj.


To Sumeet, Shlok says, I will fight for my sister and your brother will be punished for his wrongdoings. Pankhuri says to Shlok that he is ready to marry Raj, but I am sure he won’t be ready to do so. Raj is shocked. Shlok says I’ll get him ready. Shlok says if you don’t marry my sister, then I will have to leave your sister.

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