Barsatein 26th December 2023 Written Episode: Reyansh’s Scheme Unravels as Aradhana Faces Unexpected Challenges


Barsatein 26th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram saying I knew it; Reyansh will shift you to national news; you deserve to work in such a big company. Aradhana says I have to go home, and you are attending the meeting. Reyansh says, ” get ready, and you have to go to the hotel for a meeting. Taking someone else, you can fire me, she says. You won’t receive a salary; you must manage Akash’s treatment and change clothes. She says no thanks, I’ll come as it is, and she leaves. Jai becomes sad and thinks about what happened.

You know what happened last time. It triggered your anger. Akash asks what this is. You know what happened. Jai says I am sorry. Akash says you are with us because of Bani. Jai says I am sorry, Dad. Reyansh asks Aradhana if Jai is bound for you. She says it’s a bond between us, you won’t understand. Jai says I am broken inside, and Akash says it’s okay, come. The three leave the room. Varun says someone has come to meet you. Jai sees Kriti, who apologizes and gives him a cake. Jai gets angry and throws it away.

She says I came to apologize, give me a chance. He says get out. Kriti cries and leaves. Nita calms down Jai. Kriti calls Reyansh and says Jai has responded as you told him. Then, Reyansh says you need to do this if you want, Jai; let me celebrate my victory. He goes to Aradhana. Jai calls. Reyansh says no personal calls. Jai says he will call later.

Aradhana and Rajan argue. He asks her to sit in the car. She sits in the back seat. He says I’m not your driver. She says she has to do her work. He makes her sit in the front seat. The song Humko tumse pyaar hai… plays on the radio. She changes it. He says I like that song. She gets Bhakti’s call but doesn’t talk to her. They reach the hotel. She says I will sit here and work on the murder story. He leaves.

Jai remarks that the person he is speaking to is not who they usually are. He quickly contacts Aradhana, who answers and engages in conversation with him. He assures her he is doing well, but she should hurry. She confirms, and he questions if she is alone. She responds that she is about to leave for the location. He inquires if Reyansh is accompanying her. She replies positively and asks if he genuinely means it when he says he’s fine, even though it doesn’t matter. Meanwhile, Aradhana realizes that she should be by Jai’s side now. So, she enquired about the meeting with a woman who clarified that it was scheduled for tomorrow, not today. Aradhana apologizes for the misunderstanding and feels taken aback by this new information. Suddenly, Jai notices Reyansh standing behind her.

Varun invites Jai inside, as their father is waiting. Coincidentally, it begins to rain, catching the attention of Reyansh and Aradhana. Aradhana expresses her knowledge that there is no scheduled event, insinuating that Reyansh purposely caused the rain. He admits to his mistake, and she tells him not to bother her. Suddenly, he receives a call informing them that their car has broken down and they must stay back. Aradhana dismisses his explanation and worries about how she will get home. She voices her desire to leave, but Reyansh assures her he will find a solution. Amid this dilemma, guests arrive to meet Akash, causing Bhakti’s anxiety to escalate.

Meanwhile, Jai overhears women gossiping about him and is hurt by their words. To shield his wife from the rain and prevent her from getting sick, Reyansh pays a man for an umbrella. However, Aradhana firmly believes that money isn’t everything and refuses to accept his assistance until he reluctantly convinces her otherwise.


Aradhana is with Reyansh. Jai is shocked to see them so close. Reyansh smiles.

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