YRKKH 14th Dec 2023 Written Update: Abhira Challenges Traditions!

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In the episode, Dadi says that misbehavior will not be tolerated. Ruhi remembers Armaan’s words and goes to see. Armaan and Abhira argue. He tells her to go, and Rohit will wait for her. Ruhi says I was waiting for you, but your family is more important. He leaves. Abhira shouts at him. She asks Ruhi to go. Ruhi explains to her and instructs her to finish the rasam. Armaan comes downstairs. Vidya inquires about Abhira.

The women gossip. Dadi stares angrily. Abhira praises Manisha. She laughs. Rohit asks Manisha to do some dhamaka. Manisha dances with Kajal and Vidya. Abhira says I was rude to Armaan. Ruhi asks Abhira if I can help you with the saree. Abhira says no, I’m an expert at wearing it. Ruhi leaves. Abhira searches the net and finds the saree.

She gets an idea. She wears jeans and tucks the saree. Rohit and Abhira come downstairs. Rohit says they will become sisters, and no one can separate them. Abhira falls. Armaan holds her in his arms. Ruhi watches. Dadi praises Ruhi. Vidya says we will start mu dikhai rasam. Abhira signs to ask what.

Armaan exchanges greetings with Abhira as they both receive the lady’s gift. The lady blesses Ruhi, commenting that Rohit’s wife appears more beautiful than Armaan’s. Abhira feels disheartened by the comparison. While Armaan engages in a phone call, Abhira overhears Sanjay’s disrespectful remarks about Akshara. She intervenes, informing Armaan that he’s been summoned for juice. Feeling uncomfortable, Armaan apologizes, clarifying that others have praised Ruhi’s beauty. Abhira questions if he’s envious of her, to which he denies and expresses regret. Despite his explanation, Abhira confronts him, initiating a discussion.

Rohit asks her to find the ring. He says I have lost it already. Vidya and Madhav ask Abhira and Armaan to find it. Dadi tells them about the ritual of finding the ring. Ruhi thinks of Armaan. She sits lost. Armaan also sees her. Rohit asks her to find the ring. He says I have already lost it. They all smile.

A smile spreads across Armaan’s face. Madhav says it’s just a game, so come on. Ruhi finds the ring. Everyone claps. Cousins tease Rohit. Dadi tells Ruhi to be careful with the marriage and Rohit. Abhira finds the ring. She gives it to Armaan. He asked why she was giving it to me. She says I don’t want to win. Charu teases them. Armaan and Abhira hold the ring. Kajal says it’s an equal partnership, and Manisha is joking.

Dadi tells us about special rasam. She says the house ladies make their husbands wear traditional dresses. The one who does so first wins, but no one has yet broken Dadi’s record. Dadi wishes Ruhi would break my record. Ruhi says she will. Dadi says you have to win. She signs Madhav to come, and she asks Vidya to leave.

As the competition begins, Madhav and Vidya talk. He says, “I’ll try, and you won’t lose.” Rohit says come on, Ruhi, think I’m your friend, and you’re getting me ready for the fancy dress contest. Armaan asks Abhira how she’s tying good pagdi. She says mumma and I made pagdi together, 100 pagdis at a time. She becomes sad. She says I hate it when you say “Hai Bechari.” She rushes and thinks I’ll go crazy if I wear this saree for two more minutes. Armaan gets ready.

Krish announces that Abhira won the rasam, also breaking Nanisa’s record. Everyone is surprised.


Ruhi and Abhira dance. Abhira’s saree falls off. Armaan fixes it. Dadi scolds her.

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