Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th December 2023 Written Episode: A Mother’s Sacrifice, Double Weddings, and Heart-wrenching Farewells

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During the episode, Armaan thinks of Abhira, Akshara, and Ruhi. Akshara asks Armaan, yes or no? Abhira says no, mumma. He says yes, I’ll marry Abhira. Abhira says no, Mumma, I’ll never marry Armaan. Akshara says listen to me. Abhira asks does anyone ever marry this way, I’ll call my uncle, he’ll treat you, then your mind will be blown. Akshara says now doctor can’t do anything, I’m short of time left, so don’t waste your time fighting.

Despite Abhira’s request, Akshara says we must do rock, paper, scissors and decide. Abhira cries. Akshara falls weak. The doctor injects the medicine. Abhira asks Akshara to wear the mask. Akshara says the doctor is unable to do anything, but you can. She explains to Abhira. She asks her to understand her fear. She asks her to say yes to the marriage.

Abhira announces her upcoming marriage to Armaan. As he looks at her, Rohit and his family start dancing to “Dekho meri ada bhi kya…” The Goenkas also join the fun with “Gud naal ishq mitha…” Meanwhile, Rohit breaks into a solo dance on “Sajan bade senti…” Soon, everyone joins in on the celebration. Suwarna then proceeds to do Rohit’s aarti, but instead of pulling his nose as per tradition, they ask her to pull his ears. Surekha clarifies that it is a rasam (ritual). However, when Suwarna attempts to follow through, Rohit reminds them that the marriage won’t happen if they delay the rasam. Finally, Suwarna pulls Rohit’s nose, and Manish instructs him to touch the toran (decorative hanging) with a sword for good luck before entering. Amidst all this excitement, someone notices that Armaan is missing…

After washing his face, Armaan reflects on Akshara’s advice while Ruhi is emotionally overcome. The man in charge of registration announces that Abhira’s marriage will occur. Grateful, Akshara expresses her gratitude. Armaan then remembers to call Ruhi, but she beats him to it and reveals that she is getting married. Armaan explains the situation but is interrupted by Shivali, who informs Ruhi that Rohit has arrived for the wedding. Devastated, Armaan hangs up and breaks down in tears. He returns to Akshara’s side as the doctor delivers grave news about her condition. Meanwhile, Rohit greets a joyous Ruhi upon arrival, leaving Armaan wondering how everything unfolded so quickly. “Kise puchun….” plays in the background.

Abhira cries, recognizing Akshara. The doctor says there is no time. Rohit wears the garland. Abhira and Armaan exchange varmala. Rohit and Ruhi exchange garlands as well.


Ruhi and Rohit get married. Armaan marries Abhira. Manish feels as if some loved one is going away forever. He falls. Akshara blesses Abhira and Armaan.

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