Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Ruhi and Abhira’s Kitchen Clash

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai -

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 5th 5th February 2024 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Armaan asks Abhira and Ruhi not to fight. They say we don’t fight. He says girls are silly. How do you cook? Abhira and Ruhi argue over the menu. Dadi scolds her for saying my kids are my three Sanjay; they will report to me. Manisha says Sanjay doesn’t know; I’ll pull his ears. Aryan, Krish, and Kiara come. They say there is a fight.

Dadi says Armaan has promised me he will keep the promise, and Kajal says I will go and see. Armaan asks them not to fight like kids. He asks what he will cook now. Abhira and Ruhi argue again. Armaan says Rajasthani food with South Indian fusion. Ruhi gets angry when she sees Armaan holding Abhira.

He stops Ruhi from holding a knife, says enough drama, make the food, I’ll eat it first and then feed the guests. Ruhi agrees. Charu finds a file in the room. She hears Sanjay approaching. The file falls. He picks it up and asks who stole it. She hides.

Armaan offers help while Ruhi and Abhira cook while taunting each other. He gets a call and leaves. Abhira says I don’t need help. Ruhi asks him to get a bowl. He smiles and helps her. She asks him to cut tomatoes. Abhira gets a call. She says yes, I’ll check the mail. She gets her laptop and checks the mail. He jokes.

Ruhi also jokes. Abhira asks her to focus on herself; is her heart focused in the wrong place? She says I can multitask, leave it. Vidya and Manisha watch as Abhira plays.

Armaan stops Abhira and cleans the batter from her chin. Suwarna asks what. Manish asked you to sell the property. The man says yes. Surekha says we’re not interested. She asks Suwarna to come. They’ll talk to Manish. Suwarna says he won’t tell us. The bank account is checked. Surekha says he has just 1 lakh in his account. Why didn’t he tell us? We’ve gone bankrupt.

He never told us. Maybe he thought it was a temporary problem. Surekha says I will tell Ruhi. Suwarna says no need. Surekha asks if there is anything we can do. Suwarna asks why women cannot do anything. Dadi welcomes her friends. Everyone greets.

Ruhi thinks of adding chili powder to Abhira’s dish. She recalls Armaan’s words and stops. Ruhi scolds Abhira. Abhira leaves. She hears Aryan, Krish, and Kiara talking about Vidya and Manisha.


Armaan says Dadi is waiting for you. Abhira spoils the kheer, which worries Dadi. Her friends eat the food.

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