Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Savi and Virat’s Emotional Performance


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Savi and Virat’s dance/drama performance continues as Savi narrates Sai and Virat’s unconventional love story. She delves into the details of their unique wedding, Bhavani’s disapproval of Sai’s aspirations, Sai’s determination to become a doctor with Virat’s unwavering support, the challenges she faces from Bhavani, Virat’s injury during a mission, their growing affection for each other, Virat’s fear of losing Sai once she becomes a doctor, Sai’s promise to always stand by him, and their eventual remarriage. Lost in their performance, they are brought back to reality by the applause from the audience. The Bhosales can’t help but feel envious as they watch the couple’s extraordinary display.

Upon praising Gawachi Gang, host Anvi asks the judges to comment on all four teams. She calls the captains and judges of all four teams to the stage. Judges praise all teams today, but Gawachi Gang’s ideal couple theme was heartwarming. Another judge also praises the theme and asks whose story it is. In an emotional response, Savi says it’s her parents’ story. Her father helped her mother become a doctor, fulfilling her father’s wish.

The judge says Savi’s performance cannot be considered for marks since she partnered with her professor. Durva says the Gawachi gang should be disqualified. Her supporters agree. Ishan informs that Savi’s performance required a partner, and her partner fell ill and is recovering backstage. He had to pitch in to support Savi. He requests that judges consider Savi’s performance.

As Shantanu agrees with Ishan, he asks Yashwant for his opinion. Yashwant agrees with Shantanu and Ishan. The judge says that since Savi’s performance is incomplete, her team will receive 15 marks instead of 30. As runner-up, she praises the patriotic performance of the Bawaal Brigade. As a winner, Dil Se Dabang receives everyone’s applause. Durva stands jealous after losing. Ishan smiles and congratulates Savi.


After bumping into Reeva, Savi apologizes and asks if she is new. Reeva says she came here to meet a person. Savi asks if she is here to meet Mr Chidkiya Ishan, sir. Reeva asks if she calls him Chidkiya. Then she takes him to Ishan, where Ishan is shocked to see Reeva. Savi says he wasn’t Chidkiya before, but not anymore; he even celebrated her birthday.

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