Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Ishan’s Surprise for Savi


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Ishan inspects Savi’s assigned room, he notices its dusty condition. While walking on the bed, he accidentally falls. Shukla becomes worried, but Ishan calms him down, reminiscing about his college days when he would hang out with friends in their hostel room. Shukla hopes Ishan’s cheerful mood lasts forever. Ishan then instructs Shukla to tidy up the room, replace the furniture, and hang a poster that reads, “Study peacefully without clashing with your professor.” He chuckles again, stating how fitting the phrase is for Savi. Shukla wonders if Ishan had more than his usual juice today and wishes he drank that every day.

Isha returns home after her doctor’s checkup, saying she is fine and can return to Ramtek now. Shantanu asks where Savi is. Savi brings solkadi for them and asks Isha what the doctor said. As her accommodation has not yet been finalized, Isha says she is absolutely fine now and can return to Ramtek. As Ishan walks in, he says that Savi will act surprised and say it’s his baba’s house, and he can come anytime now.

Shantanu asks if he hasn’t gone to college yet. Ishan says he just graduated from college and has some work to do with Savi. Savi asks what? Ishan asks her to accompany him. Savi leaves with him. Shantanu asks Isha why Ishan took Savi along. Isha asks him to check his mobile. As soon as Shantanu sees Savi’s hostel room allotted, he says Ishan would have informed him here, too. She says this is called a surprise.

Ishan escorts Savi to the college hostel and proudly shows her her new accommodation. Savi expresses her relief at not having to return to Ramtek with a joyful leap. However, she slips, and Ishan quickly catches her. As their eyes meet, they are interrupted by Savi’s friends, who playfully comment on their closeness. Embarrassed, they both become self-aware again. On their way back home, they engage in playful banter. Shantanu remarks to Isha that he is glad to see Ishan happy for once, as he was always gloomy at Bhosale house. Isha agrees and adds that Ishan needs a life partner who truly understands him. Shantanu chimes in, saying that Ishan has hesitated to enter a new relationship after the incident with Reeva.

Isha inquires about the events that took place. Shantanu explains that Reeva, a commendable young lady, desired to pursue higher studies, but Ishan was not supportive, and they ended their relationship. Isha believes Ishan needs someone who truly understands him. Shantanu agrees, mentioning Savi’s name. Isha clarified whether he was referring to the possibility of Savi and Ishan’s marriage. Shantanu confirms and then informs that both Isha and Savi have returned. As he finishes speaking, Savi walks in with Ishan and shares the news of getting a hostel room. Shantanu and Isha expressed their happiness about her accomplishments. However, Savi points out that they were aware of it beforehand. Isha clarified that they wanted to surprise her instead. Upon hearing this, Ishan makes his exit from the scene.

Upon arriving home, Ishan is immediately met with Yashwant’s angry outburst about Savi being given a room in their college. Ishan questions who assigned a room to Durva, to which Nishi confesses that he did so to prevent Savi from studying at their college. Ishan defends his decision, explaining that Savi’s academic talent is an asset to the school. However, Yashwant continues to yell. Frustrated, Ishan points out that if he is not allowed to make decisions as the director, then what is the point of his role? He threatens to cancel Savi’s hostel accommodation and resign from his position. Speechless, Yashwant storms off to his room, where Surekha follows him and reprimands him for arguing with Ishan. She accuses Ishan of manipulating Yashwant’s thoughts and urges him to apologize for his behavior.


It breaks as Ishan tries to fix the lock on Savi’s hostel room door. After leaving his phone in his car, Ishan asks Savi to call someone from her phone. Savi says her phone is dead. How are they going to spend the whole night now? Ishan says by playing antakshari. As he jumps on a chair and sees a rat, he asks Savi to shoo it away. Savi laughs, saying a 6-foot man is scared of a rat. He jumps on her.

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