Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th November 2023 Written Episode: Dramatic Custody Battle Unfolds | Update Inside

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 29th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode commences with Kunal reprimanding Simmi for disregarding Tara’s allergy chart and giving her peanut butter. In response, Simmi scolds him and points out that as Tara’s father, he should have taken better care of her. Vandana interjects to apologize on Kunal’s behalf and reminds Simmi that she was wrong and has no right to criticize. Bobby chimes in, mentioning how their mother had specifically informed Simmi about Tara’s allergies and instructed her to be careful. Pammi adds that it was Simmi’s responsibility to remember this information. Simmi defends herself by saying she was also given other instructions – to win over Kunal, keep Vandana at a distance, and try to become Tara’s mother figure. Kunal then looks towards Pammi, who clarifies that she did not make such comments.

Kunal abruptly cuts off Simmi, instructing her to leave. Simmi reassures everyone that she is unbothered by the insults hurled at her. Pammi chimes in, urging Simmi to go. Kunal reminds them of the truth and suggests starting a matrimonial site instead of pressuring him to marry again. When Vandana expresses concern about who will take care of Tara, Kunal assures her that he will raise her as he had gotten hurt once before when he married someone else. He adds that he is not alone in this parenting journey, as Vandana will be there to support him and take care of Tara’s needs. Trying to defuse the tension, Vandana advises Kunal to calm down since Tara could overhear their conversation. Realizing his mistake, Kunal apologizes. Bobby agrees with Vandana’s suggestion and proposes they celebrate Tara’s happiness. Excitedly, Vandana requests their help and starts playing music, prompting everyone to join in and dance.

Dekho dekho…plays… Sonia comes to meet Tara. Tara runs away. Sonia scolds Kunal. She says I’ll rectify my mistake, Tara’s custody hearing is tomorrow, I wanted joint custody, I won’t let you around her, I’ll prove you’re not the right person for her. They argue. She says I won’t let you see Tara’s face tomorrow. Kunal asks her to leave. Vandana asks them to stop fighting. They argue.

She expresses that their egos are getting in the way, which is unrelated to Tara. She reprimands them both and voices her concern that they should not fight for custody of Tara, as they are not fit to be called her parents. She pleads with them not to ruin Tara’s life. Overwhelmed, she begins to cry. Sonia questions who she is to lecture her. Vandana reveals herself as Tara’s Vandana Mimmi, pointing out that their relationship is unique. She reminds them that she is not trying to replace Tara’s mother and no one can take her place. She warns them not to mistake her silence for weakness, as she knows how to respond. Sonia responds by saying she will have an answer for her in court tomorrow before storming out.

Kunal also goes. Vandana says they don’t care. She sees Tara crying and goes to her. Tara says her parents don’t love her; only you do. She runs away crying. Vandana prays for Tara. Pammi watches. Sonia says you did right, Vandana is filling Tara’s ears against you, she is getting close to Kunal, so she needs to explain Tara to follow you. She sees Vedika and worries. Vedika asks for a headache medicine. Pammi says yes, go and have it. Kunal’s fate decision will come tomorrow, she believes.

Sonia’s words make Kunal recall Tara’s sleep. Vandana also recalls Tara. Everyone is restless. It’s morning. Everyone prays. Kunal says I won’t let Tara go to Sonia and Inder. Vedika wishes him well. Vandana comes. Kunal asks why you didn’t go to the office. Vandana says Tara needs me a lot today, so I’ve come here. You can cut my salary, but I’ll go to court with Tara. The two do the aarti together.


Inder raises his hand to Tara. Inder scolds Pammi for plotting against him. Pammi is asked to leave. Sonia gets angry and asks what Kunal sees in Vandana.

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