Anupama 20th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Receives an Opportunity to Start Anew

Anupama written update

Anupama 20th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

After five years

When a boy knocks at the door and calls Joshi Behen, he holds the Thu Thu Thu Thu Store bag. She takes the vegetable bag from him and gives him another bag and money. She gives him sweets. Kanti Bhai’s birthday is at the old age home, so give him extra sweets. She shows her thumbs up and closes the door. He says he hasn’t seen her face in five years and that she is the Annapurna avatar.

He is walking into a renovated Shah house while talking on the phone and says I have a meeting at 3 pm, and I’ll be busy with my family tomorrow. When Baa sings with Samar’s son and sees Dimpy making tea using binoculars, he scolds her. Dimpy brings tea, but Baa ignores it, as with Anupama. Babu ji comes and stops her swing and asks her not to do it again.

Her son Ansh refuses to go to school, so Dimpy gives her tea and asks him to come. Kavya sits there, and Dimpy says your teacher called and said you haven’t done your homework for a week. A boy says he won’t decide, but Dadu will, and Baa asks him to answer. The boy says, who gives a lot of homework to a small boy, asks Vanraj to go and scolds the teacher.

According to Babu Ji, Dimpy will be going as she is his mother. Vanraj, who has been leaving every 3 years, plans on taking off again today. He subtly reminds Dimpy that Ansh is his responsibility. Babu ji believes people’s facial expressions may change, but destiny remains the same. He points out that after Anupama, Dimpy suffers. Speaking of upcoming events, Vanraj mentions a puja tomorrow following the house renovation work. He insists that nothing should be left undone. Babu Ji suggests calling Anupama to join them on the occasion. However, Baa questions why they should invite her when she has not shown any care for them in the past 5 years. Vanraj adds that even her photo album has collected dust, and they no longer have a relationship with her.

When Anupama looks at her mother’s photo with the garland, she cleans the frame. She then looks at the family picture of her children. In the video, she asks the viewers to like and subscribe if they want. Later, she is stitching on the sewing machine when Devika comes there. Anupama gets scared and wonders who is there. Devika says she has come and asks her to open the door.

As Devika enters, she embraces Devika and exclaims that her tab shows she has 1 million followers. She praises her for the success of her Joshi ben rasoi, stating that even renowned chefs have tasted her authentic kathiawadi recipe. Playfully, Devika compares Anupama to Batman, joking that she hides from everyone. She then asks why Anupama feels the need to hide. Anupama replies sadly that she has no way of supporting herself. Devika notices no mirror in Anupama’s house and urges her not to live like a nun. Concerned, she mentions that Anupama never calls or answers calls anymore. Anupama offers to make tea for them. Devika questions why Anupama has locked herself in and reminds her of how she went through a divorce with Anuj but did not let it destroy her.

Anupama says I couldn’t give my life. Devika says you are not okay and asks her to take the wings. She provides her America’s work permit and tickets. She says she has forwarded her recipe to a restaurant; they like it and hired her to work there. Devika asks her not to lose her life when Anupama says I cannot go because I send food daily to an old age home.

Anupama inquires, “How am I supposed to go by myself?” Devika reassures her, “If you’ve been living alone for the past 5 years, surely you can travel solo as well.” Vanraj presents Baa with jewelry boxes, boasting about his lavish lifestyle. Baa questions his excessive spending, responding, “If I can splurge on home renovations worth lakhs of rupees, why can’t I spend on gifts?” Ansh asks about the play store, and Vanraj hands it to him. Kavya expresses concern that Ansh may become spoiled this way. Dimpy reminds her of previous incidents and assures her they love their son dearly. She suggests Kavya call her son back from his hostel.

Kavya mentions that she’s doing this for his betterment and brings up her son. She then urges Dimpy to reflect on her own life. However, Dimpy expresses concern about upsetting their father. This reminds Kavya of Tapish, and she asks if Dimpy has forgotten about him. Meanwhile, Devika informs Babu ji that she spoke to Anu and convinced her to decide. She explains that she wants Anu to break free from the captivity and start truly living again before it’s too late. Babu ji agrees and encourages Anupama to open the window and embrace what America has offered her for so long.


She gets on the flight. A guy shows her the Joshi Ben recipe on his tab. Anupama tells herself she’s in America.

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