Anupama 9th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 9th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

According to Anupama, there are three ways of reaching god: devotion, knowledge, and love; saints are on the path of devotion, gurus are on the path of knowledge, and mothers are on the path of love. In her view, gurus must work hard for years to be connected to God, while mothers connect with God automatically when they carry their children. Malti Devi asks why she is teaching her this.

Anupama insists that a mother is the only one who can rival a teacher in the universe. She believes that when a student questions their guru, they are cursed with betrayal. But if a mother were to question, not even God could escape her questioning. Malti Devi wonders if something as small as a speck of dust could question the vast sky. Anupama responds by saying that Malti Devi is like a fallen star, lacking the three essential qualities of a guru – greatness, dignity, and forgiveness. This has caused her to stoop low. In response, Malti Devi sternly warns Anupama to watch her words carefully.

It would have been good for Anupama if her nature had been as high as her voice. Although she admits she did wrong, and she apologizes for it, Guru Maa would probably have slapped her or taken revenge, but she involved her children and crossed all the boundaries; now it’s my turn. In response to Malti Devi’s question, Anupama says, she is a mother whose children are being targeted and she will go to any lengths to protect them.

In spite of keeping quiet when she attached Samar and Dimpy, she cannot tolerate manipulation of her Bebli. She continues to tongue lashing Malti Devi and describe how low she has stooped. Guru Maa calls her a goddess of art, while Anupama says Ravan was also a scholar, but his arrogance destroyed him. The lady says Anuj is a great man who can harm Malti Devi to the core, but he keeps his cool and shows his greatness.

A power outage forces Malti Devi to tell her to stay away from her children, or else she will repent. Anupama says instead of trying to darken her life, she should lighten up her life and gain peace. She walks away from there and greets Jai Sri Krishna. After listening to Anupama’s long speech, Nakul walks away silently.

After Anupama returns home, Anuj says Choti Anu told him Malti Devi had come. He tried calling her, but she didn’t pick up. After hugging him, Anupama describes all of the incidents that occurred just now. Anuj says he cannot believe such a big artist can stoop so low; however, Malti Devi has met a mother and will change for the better. Remembering Vanraj’s warning, Anupama says problems will not end right here.

According to her, life resembles a conveyor belt where one hurdle is replaced by another. They both thank god for bringing them together again and pledge to tackle any issues as a team. Holding her in his arms, he surprises her with a romantic gesture. When she questions his actions, he explains that he always becomes more affectionate when problems arise, ensuring that there is no room for them in their relationship. He suggests they go out for the day but before that, he has one thing to do. He turns down the lights and starts singing “Pyar Kiya To Nibhana..” while serving her dinner. Their romance continues to blossom.

The next morning, Toshu excitedly shares with the family that Pari seems particularly happy today. Leela wonders aloud if Pari will refer to her uncle or aunt by their title when they arrive. Hasmukh chimes in, saying that Pari will probably call them by name. Just as Kinjal is about to leave for work, she mentions that she needs to go in early today. Toshu reassures her not to worry about Pari. Hasmukh adds that they shouldn’t stress about the house and focus on work instead. Kinjal leaves while Leela asks Kavya to make tea for Vanraj. But Vanraj declines, saying it’s unnecessary. Leela then asks him if something happened between him and Kavya and if the baby is doing well.


Anupama gives Dimpy a tight slap and warns her and Samar to leave Hasmukh and Leela’s house. Dimpy shouts there are hypocrites in this house, especially Hasmukh and Leela. Dimpy says she and Samar will stay separate in this house. Their kitchen will also be divided, according to Anupama. They will stay upstairs.


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