Anupama 19th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama’s 19th April 2023 written episode update on

During Gun Guna Re Ye Gaana Re…, Anupama teaches her first student dance. From the road, a girl mimics her dance. Anupama’s old students join her. Anupama finds her, corrects her dance moves, and the girl in fear claims she did nothing. In response, Anupama says she did, danced so well, and asks if she wants to learn. The girl sees her father working at a distance and runs back to him in fear. Father scolds her to stop roaming around, study, and help him with the vegetables.

He gives a long lecture about happiness and sorrow in both the rich and the poor’s lives and how even the common man dances happily when he hears their conversation. She says when life wants them to dance, they should dance freely, and so on.

Anupama says even if she has to run her home, she can help someone with their passion. The vegetable vendor says he doesn’t hate dance, he manages two meals with difficulty and can’t pay fees. She agrees to teach the girl to dance for free and even assist her in her studies. Her vendor thanks her and prays for her.

Ankush and Adhik talk about business meetings at Kapadia House. Barkha says she will handle one. When she goes to breakfast, she gets angry when she sees traditional Gujarati cuisine. Adhik says the house today looks like an old house. Adhik says he can feel the same energy as Anupama did when she prepared the breakfast, and Barkha shouts who ordered the oily breakfast against her order.

In a sari, Paakhi walks towards them, holding house keys, and tells Barkha that they wouldn’t welcome her, so she welcomed herself. Anupama excitedly hugs Kanta and tells her she had a wonderful day.

Anupama asks what he prepared today. He describes dishes. Anupama says it’s also Anuj’s favourite, then stops seeing Kanta. Kanta says she doesn’t stop thinking about Anuj, but she shouldn’t get weak thinking about him for a whole day, or else she will stumble all day. Leela greets them and walks toward them.

Barkha asks Paakhi what she is doing here. Paakhi asks what kind of question is this, she came to her mummy’s house. Barkha says she knows, but what she is trying to prove. Paakhi says she thought it was her mummy’s socks, so they should be functional as if they were her mummy’s clothes.

She shows house keys in her waist and invites Ankush and Adhik for breakfast. Barkha says they don’t have much food now, the person who used to prepare it no longer lives here. Paakhi says they will return soon and tells Ankush he should enjoy his favourite breakfast. Adhik and Ankush join her.

After a long time of not having meals together with her husband, Paakhi tells him that she will stay with him from now on, no matter how much they fight. Barkha asks why she did a melodrama if she wanted to come here. As Paakhi recalls, she did not realize that Barkha would cross all her limits, so she cannot let Barkha try to take her mother’s place. No one can do that, so she will not allow it.

Anupama serves lemonade to Leela. Kanta asks Leela why she came here. Leela asks if she can come to her house. Kanta says she can, but not their house. Leela says it’s good that Anupama started her dance academy at home.

As there was no one to put evil eyes on Anupama, Kanta says it was possible. Leela gives her shagun, and Leela repeats why she came here. She felt bad that Paakhi and Samar expelled her from her own dance academy because Dimpy was wicked and made Samar like her. She never liked Dimpy and Anupama shouldn’t have pushed her toward Samar.

She further states Anupama was her best daughter-in-law. Kanta says Leela was the worst Mother in law, they both created a history. She asks Leela if she came to dance classes. Leela says she would have if her knees hadn’t given out. Kanta says her knees work well when she meddles in other people’s affairs. Leela claims she is emotionally attached to Anupama, so she came to meet her. Kanta inquires if she is happy now.

As Paakhi serves Anuj and Anupama’s meals, she says she will remain here as their minister until the king and queen return to their place. She serves breakfast to Ankush and Adhik and asks them as mummy’s daughter and Adhik’s wife, if can she join the office. They say why not. Paakhi thanks them. Barkha stands fuming.

Anuj is needed at the office, Adhik says when he gets a call. Barkha says they should manage without Anuj. Adhik says it’s impossible. Barkha knows Anuj will patch up with Anupama if he comes here; she cannot allow that to happen. Leela gives gifts to Anupama’s family and says she got them gifts because Vanraj got a new job.

Vanraj is growing in life, Kanta prays for sensitivity in Leela and peace of mind in Anupama and says Anupama can get peace only when Leela and Vanraj are far away from her. Kanta says he should not reject gifts when he has the right to do so. Leela says one shouldn’t reject gifts. Bhavesh takes them. Kanta says he didn’t give them gifts when he had the right.

Leela says it looks like yesterday when she got Vanraj’s alliance for Anupama. Vanraj betrayed her and Leela taunted her for every issue, conspired to stop her from going to America, and mentally tortured her repeatedly. Leela asks her to forget the past.

Leela says she was talking about Vanraj and Anupama’s relationship. When Anupama asks Leela why she is remembering the past, she says she was remembering the past. Leela should not talk about Vanraj and Anupama’s relationship, since Vanraj and their relationship died years ago and ended two years ago.

Anuj is cheered up when Little Anu asks him when he will be here. A little Anu tells Anuj whether he does not like her papa staying with her. Little Anu says he is melodramatic, he looks good with mummy, Mummy says Kanhaji and Radhaji look good together, and she will get ready for mummy. Anuj considers returning to Ahmedabad.


Anupama notices Anuj reaching her house and he sees her teaching dance to students. Anupama gets emotional seeing him. Barkha over the phone tells Maaya that she will not accept defeat so easily.


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