Faltu 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 24th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Faltu meets Shanaya at the beginning of the episode. Shanaya talks about her hand injury. She says, “I will never become a cricketer, my father’s dream will never come true.” Faltu says everyone loves you. Shanaya says they don’t see my pain and just want to make me happy. I’m not happy, I get a strange dream, my dad gives me a cricket bat and I can’t lift it, the room catches fire and no one gets me out.

I know what you are going through, Faltu promises, sit. Shanaya says no. Faltu says I understand, I also wanted to become a cricketer, but it wasn’t easy for me, my mom also opposed my cricket. She shares her story. She says just my dad supported me and sent me here to become a big cricketer, but I lost my sight. Shanaya is interested.

Faltu says yes, everything went dark, but as we say, where there is a will, there is a way. I practised, I got my eyesight back, and I got into the academy but I was defamed. Shanaya says yes, I saw that video as well. I started playing local tournaments after the viral video, but it was not easy, no one wanted me to play, but I never lost, I played well. Shanaya says I didn’t know you’d experienced so many hardships. Faltu says we all experience hardships. She encourages Shanaya. Ruhaan watches. Faltu admonishes Shanaya to practice, work hard, and listen to her doctor.

Because of the problems, I can’t practice cricket. I’m trying to resolve it so that we can practice together again. Shanaya says I will work hard to recover so that I can fulfil Dad’s dream. She asks Faltu to visit her every day. You have become my idol, so I will ask Daima to make food, eat it and leave. Then Ruhaan thanks Faltu for handling Shanaya well. She says it’s okay, you helped me, you met up. He says I came here for Shanaya. She says to talk to Janardhan well, he’s a nice guy. He says I know how to deal with cheaters. She says my dad and husband aren’t cheaters. He says I’ll ask the driver to stop you. She leaves.

As Janardhan waits for Ruhaan, the peon says he will be coming. Janardhan says to tell your boss to meet me at home. Ruhaan asks which house is being auctioned, and he believes my dad could not live as well with you. He scolds Janardhan. He asks Janardhan what he knows about me and that he is saying this. They argue.

In response to the peon’s request for tea or coffee, Ruhaan scolds him and says the business is mine now. Janardhan says you dragged me here to insult me. Ruhaan says no, I have to talk a lot. Akshay meets Faltu. She asks Ruhaan if he can get help for Janardhan if he doesn’t talk to him well.

He asks her to talk to Ruhaan. She says yes, right, I went to meet Brijbhushan, but I couldn’t. Inspector sees Ayaan and taunts him. Faltu will get the proof, she never loses. I am preparing to start a new business, so I won’t waste any time. I’ll send you an offer as soon as possible.

As Ruhaan says, you plan on opening a new store, but you can’t start a competition since Kanika has signed a deal. I hope your son returns from jail soon so you can depend on him. In Janardhan’s words, don’t worry, we’ll deal with it. Your lawyer was given to Ayaan, which I am grateful for. Feel free to ask me for any help you might need regarding JM Mart.

Faltu says she’s come to meet you. Ruhaan says to call her inside for a family reunion. Faltu asks Janardhan is he okay. She says I need Ruhaan’s help. Ruhaan taunts Janardhan. I can handle Shanaya for you as you have helped me handle her. She thanks, Shanaya, is living in the accident memory, just remind her that she is special to you. She asks Janardhan to come. Faltu is doing favours to me, but it’s okay, I’ll get back at him eventually. Ruhaan says she’ll take revenge.


Tanisha says Ruhaan’s sister came to meet Faltu. Kanika says Faltu has done something we don’t know, does he get to know about us from Ruhaan?

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