Faltu 8th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 8th August 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Neil arrives at the stage just in time to rescue Faltu from the fire. Ayaan rushes over and inquires, “Are you alright?” Faltu turns to Neil, concerned, and questions, “Why did you burn your hand?” Clearly, she holds a deep level of care for him.

Neil provides reassurance, stating, “I’ll be fine. How are you holding up?” Following that, he admonishes the manager for arranging such hazardous setups. Ayaan steps aside, creating space for Faltu to extend help. Neil asserts, “I’m alright.” Meanwhile, Tanu guides the reporters to spotlight Neil and Faltu in their coverage.

Ayaan is missing. Kinshuk says he went home. Tanu says we should go home and see if he s okay. Neil and Faltu are caring for each other more than friendship. I m concerned for Ayaan. They leave. They return home. Kumkum asks what happened.

We don’t know, says Gurud. She says Ayaan hasn’t been home for a while. Tanu asks where he has gone. Kumkum asks how this happened, Faltu isn’t careless, did someone do this deliberately? Ayaan says no, I didn’t think so. Govind says we must concentrate on our business, we must work hard. Ayaan leaves. Tanu says Faltu was standing close to diya, I was there, I saw it. Ayaan goes. Govind says we must work hard on our business. Ayaan leaves.

Dada ji asks Fatu about Ayaan. She says to contact him and ask about him, I was worried for Neil and hadn’t seen him. He says Ayaan is fine. Neil says he left there. Dada ji says he might have been injured. He says no, his family was with me, he’s a selfish man. I’m thinking of involving Faltu in our business, it’s the best opportunity for her.

Then Neil asks Dadaji to trust him. Dadaji approves. Neil says you will get a big cabin, you are a part of this family. Dadaji thinks about how to handle Neil. Faltu goes. Neil goes to sleep.

She argues. He says I don’t need your help, I have seen everything, this is my issue, you stay out of it, focus on Sid and your relationship. He leaves. She say I don’t love Sid, I love you. He leaves.

Ayaan had a meeting with the cricket board and expressed that Faltu should be given a second opportunity. He admitted, “It was my fault, driven by my ego.” Meanwhile, Neil arranged a surprise breakfast plan for Faltu.

He says I did this so you would be happy, sit and eat. She likes it. Faltu smiles when he sees the food. Ayaan joins them. Neil asks why you came here. Ayaan says I came to eat kachori. He thanks Neil for caring for Faltu. She asks why you came here, to make your doubts certain. Ayaan tells her to give her this.

He checks the acceptance letter from the cricket academy. Ayaan says Faltu’s dream was stolen from her, I returned it, and the cricket board allowed her to play cricket again. She cries. He says she must work on her stamina, practice and recover, take care of her diet, and rest well. He says he won’t be there to say all this.


Ayaan divorces Faltu. Neil urges her to sign the documents, and with heartfelt sincerity, he declares, “Faltu, I love you. Let’s embark on a fresh journey together.”


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