Faltu 12th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

It begins with Kanika saying that Tanisha is right, thank you Faltu for doing a lot for a mum today. Faltu says, don’t embarrass me, all of you have done a lot for me, I will pray that you are all blessed. We will finish the haldi ritual now, and we have to apply haldi to Kanika. Harsh says Tanisha should apply haldi. Janardhan says Tanisha.

It is funny. Bua says she will be taken, Savita says yes, she will be taken. Govind and Janardhan ask Pappi about the food. Pappi makes excuses. Janardhan says my guests will be hungry if we don’t do something. Govind says we can’t afford to delay any longer. Pappi says to send someone from your house who knows Rajasthani food. Govind scolds him. Janardhan apologizes to him.

Faltu is Rajasthani, Janardhan says. Govind says yes, but she’s a guest. Janardhan says I don’t care, ask her to help them. Govind leaves. Bua takes Faltu. Govind stops her and stops her from Sumitra’s words. Faltu says don’t apologize. He asks her not to leave the house. Bua says no, we’re going to my house to get jewellery. He tells Bua to stop, we’re stuck, and caterers have fewer jobs. Pappi lies. Govind asks Faltu to assist the caterers.

As Bua and Alok ask him for a Rajasthani cook, Govind says we don’t have time, so Faltu please help us and ward off this bad omen. Faltu replies no, everyone will go with sweet memories. Govind thanks her. Bua asks how will you go? He says you don’t need her to get jewellery. Bua says I also had a few jobs. He says Ayaan’s haldi is imp, you look beautiful, don’t go get jewellery, come with me.

Bua thinks about what to do, and Ayaan will get upset. Pappi smiles seeing Faltu. Kanika applies haldi to Tanisha and gets emotional. She apologizes. Tanisha says I love you, Mom. Kanika says I love you too, it’s parents’ dream that their daughter gets a good family, and I’m so pleased that you got Ayaan and Mittals family, you’re my life, and I’ll always be by you. They hug.

Everyone applies the haldi to Tanisha. Pappi gets Faltu and says this madam has come to help us, do as she says, we don’t have much time. Faltu becomes busy with work. Pappi says to get the car, I’ll get Faltu. Tanisha smiles at Suhana’s compliment. The man thinks we should let her know that she can help. Pappi stops them. Janardhan gets Govind’s food. The family takes pictures.

Ayaan notices Bua and realises she is still here. He takes pictures with the rest of the family. Bua says Govind intercepted her and sent Faltu to help in the kitchen instead. Faltu exclaims that he needs to finish up his duties before going for his match. Pappi sees this as an opportunity to surprise her. Ayaan is preoccupied with his family and so Dadi requests Sumitra to join them for rasam. Just then, Pappi goes over to Faltu’s aid while Govind enters, asking about the food; Faltu replies saying it will soon be ready and expresses his gratitude towards him. Sid announces a ‘bachelors night’ party followed by a ‘killers’ night’, leaving Suhana to remind Ayaan to dress appropriately on time. Sid apologetically adds that Ayan and Tanisha won’t be able to meet each other after haldi – to which Ayaan, understanding the tradition of separation, agrees.

Then Suhana says I won’t go. Ayaan says I am tired, I need some rest. He leaves. Sid says we will start the party after 10 pm. He smiles. He teases Faltu. She turns and sees him. She asks what’s up with him. He says it’s time for us to go home. Suhana says it’s time. The Kalash has arrived. Everyone gets it to make Ayaan’s bath. Pappi catches Faltu and faints her. The milk bath is given to Ayaan and Tanisha. Kumkum advises them to change now, or else they will sneeze in the mandap.

The precap:

Ayaan says Faltu and you don’t understand my concern, I care for her because I…

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