Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th February, 2023


Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ajith asks Santosh to write down the guests for Seerat’s wedding. Sahiba says she won’t come due to her differences with Angad. She says only Sudha, Sukhi, Ajith, Seerat, Sahaiba, and Keerat. Santosh says she should or else who will work. Keerat taunts her that she needs a servant rather than a daughter. Santosh scolds her and says Lucky is making wedding arrangements.

Manveer introduces Lucky to his family at Brar mansion. Lucky shows a few ideas. Gurleen advises asking Angad’s opinion. Angad says his family’s decision is final. Veer pulls Angad’s leg. Lucky asks if they will arrange Angad’s sehra or not. Veer says he will arrange his brother’s verya and plans on getting it designed by Sahiba.

As Veer approaches Sahiba’s house, Seerat panics. Sahiba opens the door and asks what he is doing here. He informs her that Angad’s wedding has been fixed, so he wants her to design his sehra.

Seerat and Santosh hide inside. Veer insists and says he’ll get her mother to convince him. Sahiba stops him. He offers her money. Keerat walks in and gives Veer a dumbell. Veer asks what she’s doing here. Keerat says it’s none of her business. He asks her to convince Sahiba to design Angad’s sehra.

Sahiba tells Keerat that she doesn’t want to accept money for her sister’s wedding naka. Keerat insists that the money should be used for Keerat’s wedding. Sahiba agrees. Keerat informs Veer that Sahiba will deliver verya. Veer asks him to finish it in the evening. Keerat bullies him. Angad calls Veer and asks if he’s at Sahiba’s shop for sehra. Veer says he is there, then lies that he’s elsewhere.

Angad tries sherwanis and sends pics to Seerat to select one. Seerat fumes and asks Sahiba to select one. Sahiba chooses one and messages ATM. Angad is confused. Manveer picks a sherwani. Angad tells Keerat that she messaged ATM to Angad. Keerat laughs. Sahiba informs Keerat that Angad already picked one.

After some time, Taiji asks Sahiba to think about her wedding, too. Veer rushes out of Brar mansion. Sahiba reaches outside Brar mansion and calls Veer to let him know she brought sehra. Lucky’s assistant calls Sahiba and asks her to decorate flowers at a client’s wedding. Veer walks to her. Angad drives into and notices her, wondering if he really saw that arrogant girl. Veer signals Sahiba to go from there.

At Angad and Seerat’s wedding, Sai and Virat from Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyar promote the serial.

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