Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya

The episode starts with Prachi coming to the coffee shop in the airport, while Ranbir turns to go. Dida comes to Pallavi and asks why she’s so worried. Pallavi says Ranbir’s my son. Her mother says she thought he’d forgotten about it, but he didn’t. He shows as if he’s fine, but he’s really shattered and reliving the past.

She says she had gone to his room today and found Prachi’s picture under it, the pillow had been wet, indicating that he might have been crying. She ponders how to handle him. Dida offers her reassurance, saying that whatever Mata Rani wants will happen – not to worry. Prachi orders a cappuccino and begins to consider Ranbir’s presence in the same sky but not around her. Yet, as luck would have it, Ranbir arrives at the coffee shop for his drink; taking a seat behind Prachi, he thinks of Kaya looking at her photo. Prachi takes a sip from her mug before putting it down; unbeknownst to her Ranbir takes her mug and ends up noticing the lipstick mark realising it wasn’t his drink he’d been sipping on! Putting back her mug and taking his own, he takes another sip before setting it aside. Afterwards, Prachi collects the bill and leaves.

She approaches Ranbir at the coffee shop. She approaches him. He says, Kaya. She shows his photo and says Ranbir Kohli, the manager. Ranbir welcomes her. She says she dislikes people who don’t value their time, and she dislikes those who don’t value her time more. She says I’m back now and says let’s go. Ranbir says your bags are here. Kaya asks who has come to receive me? Ranbir signs I? Kaya asks who will pick up the luggage.

Kaya said that Ranbir had made a blunder by arriving late, and then expecting her to pick up the bag. She also mentioned that she was the daughter of his company’s big client. His boss had mentioned that she was shy and an introvert; however, Ranbir believed it to be inaccurate. Kaya instructed him to grab the bag and hurry. This put him in a state of confusion but soon he noticed Prachi Arora’s name on the tag of the bag and he was pleased to realize that she was alive as opposed to being deceased as earlier thought. At this point, Aryan arrived and Ranbir pointed out the tag with Prachi’s name on it to him.

Prachi speaks with Shahana and informs her that she has arrived at the airport. Shahana hurriedly states she can’t handle the separation any longer and is packing her belongings. Prachi spots Priya bringing stuff and offers to roll the trolley for her. As Ranbir looks for Prachi in the airport, he is gravitated towards her but fails to spot her from a distance. Suddenly, her pallu drops on his face, leaving him hesitant to call out as it was a familiar touch. Prachi walks away before he could summon up the courage to do so. His calls fade away following an interruption by Kaya who taps his shoulder enquiring where she can find her bags!

As soon as he said it had been exchanged, Ranbir told Kaya he would go to the lost and found department. Kaya felt humiliated and thought she was treated unfairly. Aryan says Prachi is alive and she is here. Aryan says we found her body and performed her last rites. Ranbir says I never accepted that the body was Prachi’s. He says he cannot accept that his destiny could be so bad that he lost both his daughter and wife on the same day. He curses the day when Prachi was scolded.

He searches Prachi. Vikram calls Aryan and says he is in the airport. Aryan says he will come. Priya calls Prachi. Prachi says she heard some familiar voice. Priya says that’s why you are searching. Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words.

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