Faltu 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

The episode begins with Tanisha saying that Dadi asked us to do the Rudra Abhishek together on Mahashivratri. I will fast to get you as my husband in every birth. Ayaan says he has work in the office.

In response to Dadi’s request, Faltu writes down the puja items. Dadi recalls Ayaan’s words. Dadi says suhaagans will fast, but you have to do the work. Faltu thinks I’ll fast as well. Ayaan’s phone falls. He picks it up. He says I’m already late. He leaves. As Tanisha tells Sid, I am sure Faltu will keep her fast. I have to break her fast, doing anything. Dadi and everyone are shocked to see Faltu doing all the work by herself.

He blesses Faltu to get the guy she wants. Dadi says yes, she is good, and he should be good as well. Dadi says not to get angry. Savita says I was coming to make it. Faltu thinks I also fasted. Kumkum and Dadi praise the decorations. Tanisha gets angry when Dadi praises Faltu. Dadi does the puja. She asks the pandit to arrive on time for Rudra Abhishek. Sid says Tanu kept a fast for Ayaan, but Tanu may try to break Faltu’s fast.

Sumitra says they can do anything. He explains his plan. He says Faltu will keep the fast, she regards Ayaan as her husband, she had filled in sindoor of Ayaan’s name, Bholenath will bless them if they keep their fast. She thanks him.

She says don’t worry, I’ll handle everything. Tanisha gets Faltu’s food. Faltu says I’ll eat it later. Dadi says that’s fine. Tanisha asks if you fasted today. She says I’ll feed you. Sumitra appears. She asks Faltu to come with her. Tanisha thinks you fasted, so I’m breaking it now.

Faltu tells Tanisha she will feed me food in some way. Tanisha gets Dadi there and asks her to tell Faltu to eat. Dadi asks Faltu to eat. Faltu worries. Tanisha says you would have thrown the food. Dadi asks why she would do this. Faltu says I was hungry, and I had the food. As Faltu recalls hiding the food, she gets dizzy. Tanisha talks to Kanika. She says maybe Faltu got scared and didn’t want to take a risk. Kanika agrees, she would have said she kept the fast for a good husband.

Kanika says don’t worry, I arranged to have Faltu taken to the academy. Tanisha says I’m dizzy. Kanika says Dadi and all the women are strict about the fast. Kanika suggests having some snacks. Tanisha says no, I don’t want to give them an opportunity to speak. Tanisha says she will have chocolates. Kanika ends the call. Tanisha contemplates whether to have it or not, can’t break the fast, so I will control it a bit.

After getting dizzy, she says everyone will be happy that I completed the fast. She eats the chocolates. Faltu faints. Ayaan holds her. Tanisha sees them.


Tanisha drops the aarti plate. Faltu holds it. Ayaan looks at her. Tanisha becomes angry.

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