Kumkum Bhagya 9th April 2023 Written Update

Ranbir comes to Khushi’s shop looking for Khushi. He sees her laughing and happy and thinks she’ll be even happier seeing the ice cream. After taking ice cream from his car, he sees Prachi feeding Khushi ice cream. He gets sad and thinks he is late, thinking he was going to spend some time with Khushi and have some happy moments, but Prachi came before him.

A playful Prachi runs behind Khushi and hugs her. Ranbir gets sad feeling alone. He moves back and gives ice cream to a man on the road. He does not go near them and leaves in his car. Laali asks Balbir if he’s drinking again. Prachi tells Khushi that she will drop her home. Khushi says it’s close, I can go myself. Prachi says I won’t let you go alone.

Laali reminds him that Khushi came to save her, but he beat her up. He says the Police beat you up. Balbir says you are not Khushi’s mother; you are taking advantage of her. Khushi comes there. Prachi asks Khushi to sit outside for a while until she speaks to Maayi. Balbir gets up from the bed. Laali smiles. Khushi comes there. Prachi asks Khushi to sit outside for a while until she speaks with Maayi.

She explains to Laali that she wants Khushi to leave here, but Laali does not understand. She says she will come to the point, and that you are not her real mother. After whatever has happened, she says he should not be here, but he is. She says you aren’t her real mother, but if you have shown her affection, love, care, or concern for her, then she won’t let you stop her.

Prachi shouts at Balbir not to interfere when two wise persons are talking, or else the police will be called. Balbir asks if you bought fish at the fish market. He asks him to sit and tells Prachi that she wants 10 lakhs Rs, then she can take Khushi away from here. Balbir asks if you have gone crazy. She tells him that I didn’t feel anything for her, so she asks her to take Khushi away from here.

Prachi says she never thought she would take Khushi this way. She feels as if she is buying Khushi from you. Laali asks her to tell her that there will be no money exchanged. The matter concerns Khushi’s life, so Prachi says I will give you money in the morning. She says Khushi won’t stay here even for a day. She asks her not to refuse Khushi’s words.

I will prepare her in the clothes you have given to her, and you will take her from there. Prachi hugs her. Laali smiles as she looks at Balbir. Khushi asks if she fought with you. Prachi says no. She says you’re very good, like an angel. She says God makes cute babies and sends them as angels.

She says God gave me a fairy, beautiful and lovely, but she left me and went very far away. She says I may not have deserved her. As Khushi says, you will get everything you deserve, you are lovely like a good fairy, and God loves you a lot. Prachi says that’s why God sent you to me, you are my fairy.

Khushi asks her to think of her as her fairy, who was lost before, and has now been returned to her. Prachi hugs Khushi and says, “My lovely fairy.” Laali tells Balbir she cannot afford to spend more and says if that girl grows up, she might fall in love and elope, and asks who will catch her. Balbir reminds Laali that Khushi will become their old-age support.

I will not leave the good amount that I will be getting now. If I don’t get the money that I am spending now, I will waste everything. Then Balbir asks if I watched the drama, and he says I gave money to bring her up. He says I gave you an idea to make her sell flowers so that people will feel pity and buy them.

It is his opinion that if I wanted to, I would have sold her and made more money than you will. Taking 5 lakh rupees from her, he asks her not to forget that he stole Khushi from an orphanage, which is why he will keep all the money, and asks her to be grateful that he is letting her take 50 per cent. She tells Balbir that I gave you money when you brought her here. Balbir slaps and beats her. Laali beats him to protect herself.

When Khushi comes to him, she asks him to leave her Maayi. Balbir asks Laali to see what he does and takes Khushi. Laali tells him to leave Khushi otherwise she will beat him. He hits her on the head with a stick and leaves with Khushi.

She informs Dadi and Shahana that once she gets Khushi, she will leave the city, and says she wants to end this chapter because she has been betrayed, lied to, and accused of being a bad mother…She tells them she wants Khushi to have happiness in her life. I heard Laali say that she is not her real mother, and that’s why she doesn’t take care of Khushi.

Shahana and Dadi smile as she tells Shahana that God took pity on her and sent Khushi for her. Khushi will be her life partner and daughter.

Khushi tells Prachi and Ranbir they will stay together (imaginary scene). Laali tries to stop him, and he pushes her off his auto. Later he is told he will get a big sum of money from Khushi.

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