Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

It begins with Prachi telling Ranbir that she needs him. Ranbir turns to her. Prachi says I need you, Panchi needs you. Ranbir asks Prachi what she said. Prachi says Khushi needs you. Ranbir says we see Panchi in her, so that’s why we can call her Panchi sometimes. Prachi says don’t leave. Prachi says they are very dangerous. Ranbir says I can’t listen to you and leaves. Prachi says, Ranbir…Rhea asks what happened.

She says Ranbir doesn’t want to listen to me and will do what I don’t want him to do. She says the goons are dangerous. Rhea says you both are safe and says we can solve this problem peacefully, and they’ll go behind Ranbir and help him. She says Khushi is safe here because everyone is with her. They leave.

Wilson asks whose house this is. Balbira replies it is mine, I met Ranbir here. Wilson says I’m your boss. Balbira replies he’s not your boss. Laali asks them to leave. Ranbir thinks he won’t leave them. Rhea calls Ranbir and asks where he is. Ranbir says he’s outside. She says she’s also outside. Ranbir tells her to return to the hospital.

Ranbir, Prachi, and Rhea hear Prachi call Laali. Laali picks up the call while talking to Wilson and asks them to leave. Wilson breaks her phone. Ranbir is driving his car. Wilson argues with Balbira, and Laali asks Balbira to kill Wilson.

Rhea calls Inspector and tells him that Balbira is in Laali’s house. Balbira asks Wilson to be respectful to Laali, otherwise, nobody is worse than him. Prachi says Ranbir is driving fast and will not pick up the phone. Rhea says he is completely out of it.

He asks him to see Laali and says she helped us free, and if she hadn’t come, you would be in jail. Wilson says I’m not an ordinary thief. Balbira asks if any of your men helped you. He asks Wilson to apologize to Laali. Wilson says he is sorry. Laali asks him to treat her with respect. Ranbir comes and takes Laali’s knife.

Ranbir says we will lock them up, police will come here and arrest them because of Prachi. Laali hits Ranbir’s head with a rod and acts as if he was with him. In response to Wilson’s question, Balbira says that Laali can never betray Balbira, but can betray the whole world for him. Wilson asks how they can proceed from here. Balbira says they can take Ranbir from there.

The police reach the location with Prachi and Rhea, but can’t find anyone. The inspector says no one is here. The constable says we couldn’t find anyone. Akshay tells Ashok he’s going to find Ranbir and Prachi. Akshay says he won’t go, just wondering where Prachi went. Vikram says Prachi went to stop Ranbir and asks Akshay to be there, as they might need his help.

It has been a few years since Vikram stayed with them. Akshay asks him about Prachi. Ashok tells Akshay not to ask anything, if Prachi wants to say then she will say it. As Ashok tells Vikram that Akshay loves Prachi a lot, Akshay says he wants to make new memories with her. Balbira, Wilson, Laali, and others bring Ranbir to some house. Laali ties unconscious Ranbir’s hands. Wilson says we should have left him there. Balbira says this guy is very dangerous, he would have followed us.

Prachi asks him for 15 lakhs so he can get Ranbir. He says he will send him the location and asks her not to show any smartness. Rhea asks what we will do. Prachi responds that we will arrange money. In response, Wilson tells Laali that he has never come across such a situation before, but because of Balbira. Laali asks if he wants to say that Balbira is unlucky for him. Balbira asks her to remain silent.

Balbira says you can’t talk to my Laali in this way. Wilson tells him to throw her out. Laali asks if you had called and offered me forgiveness. As Wilson moves, water falls on unconscious Ranbir’s face and he regains consciousness and asks for them to free his hands. Laali asks Wilson to see what happened.

After asking them to free him, Ranbir kicks them using his legs. He frees his hands and beats them. They all fall down. Balbira says he is a dangerous man. Wilson says I told him not to come here. The wine bottle is broken and Ranbir asks Laali to sit with them. Wilson asks who he is. Ranbir says he is very angry and asks them to sit quietly. Wilson kicks him and makes him fall.

Ranbir says you are making a mistake. He sees Prachi and Rhea behind the window and they are looking at him.

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