Kumkum Bhagya 8th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Harleen Warns Monisha

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The Episode opens with Harleen cautioning Monisha to refrain from any actions that could jeopardize Poorvi’s reputation, as her status as their daughter-in-law reflects on their family’s honor. Harleen reminds Monisha that Prachi and her family are in charge of all the wedding arrangements, including catering, and urges her not to ruin Poorvi’s image. After Harleen leaves, Monisha declares her intention to humiliate Poorvi by causing people to fall ill after eating food prepared by her mother. Deepika advises Monisha to enjoy the wedding without causing any trouble.

Monisha reassures everyone that she is not intimidated by Harleen’s threat. She emphasizes her concern for Poorvi’s reputation and reprimands anyone disrespecting her. Khushi, who speaks on behalf of the girls, asks Poorvi if she is truly content with her marriage to RV rather than just putting on a facade of happiness. Poorvi confirms that she is genuinely happy with RV and appreciates his care and affection towards her. Khushi expresses her joy for Poorvi and acknowledges that she, too, approves of their union. RV enters the room, asking Poorvi if everything is alright. She assures him she is fine and proudly points out how attentive he is to her well-being. The group then leaves while RV ponders over his reason for checking on Poorvi. Khushi returns to seek clarity on something as soon as he goes out.

Vaishali requests Monisha to pick up her pace while walking. Monisha responds with frustration, stating that the situation is not something to joke about. She makes a call and asks for something to be sent over. Prachi then arrives and inquires if they need anything. Monisha declines, and Prachi leaves. Feeling guilty for poisoning her food, Monisha reveals that she has been driven to do so because of Poorvi’s actions, leaving no room for remorse. Khushi expresses gratitude towards RV for taking care of Poorvi. RV admits that he overheard their conversation and shares that Poorvi is deeply unhappy. He confesses to having mistreated her in the past and warns Khushi to inquire about it when they are alone. He threatens to harm her further, causing Khushi great concern. Poorvi enters the scene, and RV acknowledges that Khushi worries about her sister.

Pandit ji requests for ghee, which Khushi volunteers to bring. Diya mentions that they have arranged music and suggests enjoying the dance performance until the ghee arrives. RV advises Monisha against repeating her mistake as Poorvi, and he kicks off a dance number. Becoming anxious, Khushi turns off the music system. Tashu fondly recalls Ranbir’s promise of marriage and expresses gratitude for not revealing the truth to her father despite Ranbir being unhappy about it. She realizes her love for him and feels fortunate to marry him. Inquiring if he has any other potential bride in mind, Ranbir denies it. Tashu is relieved as she believes they are meant to be together and have a bright future ahead. The scene shifts to a flashback where Amar Dayal’s guard crashes into someone and falls on the mandap, only to be interrupted by Prachi’s arrival just then.

Monisha acquires the poison from the driver, who assures her of its potency. She agrees and implores him to keep it a secret. She grimly adds that Poorvi will soon realize what she is capable of, even beyond her worst fears. Meanwhile, Prachi lifts the mandap’s decoration pillar with Khushi’s help. Ranbir catches her voice and removes his sehra in search of her. As Prachi and Khushi arrange the pillar, Harleen remarks that their ghatbandhan must be undone. She reassures them that their marriage will retake place regardless. Amar Dayal instructs the guards to keep an eye on Tashu and kidnap her if necessary. Frustrated, Harleen turns to RV and urges him to open the ghatbandhan since it seems stuck. Without hesitation, RV obliges as Ranbir’s feelings towards Prachi intensify.

Ranbir opens the ghatbandhan, and Tashu tells Ranbir to clean his clothes. Ranbir goes. Prachi sees Tashu’s dupatta catching fire and sets it off by pouring water on it. She asks Tashu to rest for 5 minutes until the mandap is set. RV tries to help Poorvi, but she doesn’t want to take his help. He drops the decoration stuff. Khushi believes RV tortures Poorvi. Dadu scolds RV.

Harman intervenes and suggests that Dadu should refrain from interfering in the matters between the husband and wife. However, Dadu ignores Harman’s advice and proceeds to reprimand RV. Observing Monisha’s behavior, Vikrant confides in Deepika about his suspicions. Irritated, Deepika storms off. Realizing the potential danger, Vikrant expresses to Jaswant the need to limit Monisha’s presence in their home before rumors spread about her relationship with RV. Jaswant agrees with Vikrant’s concerns. Armaan shares his observation with RV that Khushi may not be fond of him. RV calmly responds that he doesn’t care for those who do not like him and admits to making Khushi dislike him purposefully. This revelation surprises Armaan while RV smirks.


Poorvi tells Dadu that she will bring food for him. Monisha thinks of mixing poison in the dish and asks Poorvi if she is hurt. RV apologizes.

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