Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2023 Written Update

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Written Episode of Kumkum Bhagya 2nd June 2023 on Worldofentertainment.in

The episode starts with Prachi going from there while it is raining heavily. Ranbir asks her to come back and says it’s raining heavily. Prachi returns home and says that she met Ranbir, not Khushi. Dadi tells Shahana that the loneliness will break her, she needs our support, and she will feel that her decision to marry Akshay is right.

In thinking of Ranbir and her, Prachi cries. She recalls how his touch touches her heart. She questions whether she was right in marrying Akshay. She says when Ranbir comes in front of me when he touches me…then…She thinks the matter is about my daughter’s life and my life.

I cannot stay away from my daughter, and I will do everything possible to get her back, even if I have to marry Akshay. Shahana and Dadi knock at the door. Prachi says tomorrow night is the wedding, so let’s make plans. She says I need to make some calls and make bookings for the wedding, so let’s get started.

Vikram says Akshay has come, but he isn’t telling us about his good news. Akshay says I will tell you, but why are you stressed? Ranbir asks what is the good news? Akshay says you helped me propose to Prachi.

A few minutes later, he tells him that Prachi and I are getting married and asks for his help; he says that Pandit ji will solemnize the marriage tomorrow, and he asks him to attend. It’s Prachi’s daughter’s custody she wants, and even her ex wants it, so we’re getting married tomorrow. Rhea asks how we can come, and tells her they’re also getting married tomorrow. Ranbir says he can’t come, so Akshay says they’ll throw the party after the wedding. Akshay leaves.

She says Prachi is getting married to Akshay. Vikram says thank God he didn’t know you were her ex-husband or else he wouldn’t have told us. Ranbir says I don’t care what she does, she’s not in my life, so I don’t care. Getting the decorations done in Dida and Dadi’s homes.

As Shahana invites Meera to Prachi’s wedding, she asks her to attend. Meera is thrilled and says she will try to attend. Khushi hugs Shahana as she says she heard from the warden Aunty you were here. She says I couldn’t make Mamma and Papa unite, so she asks her to help her unite Mamma and Papa. Shahna becomes upset. She says she is excited to see you becoming Ranbir’s bride. Rhea asks Ranbir if he sees her. Dida asks Ranbir to give the box to Rhea.

She says Prachi will be marrying Akshay at the same time as Ranbir gets Khushi if he doesn’t marry you. Ranbir opens the door and comes inside. He says I heard Aaliya Buji’s voice as if she is talking to me. Rhea says why she will come here. Aaliya is hiding in the bathroom. He tries to look. Rhea asks if he brought shagun jewellery. Ranbir says yes, and says Dida sent. Rhea says she likes it. He says he really heard Aaliya Buji. Rhea says she was talking on the phone. Ranbir leaves. Rhea asks Aaliya to follow.

Shagun Thaali is given to Dadi by Asok, and he says it is for Prachi. He says he will go see Prachi. Dadi says let her get ready. Shahana tears when she thinks of Khushi’s words, causing the jewellery to fall. As your daughter Khushi is sensitive, you should not marry Akshay. Prachi says Khushi loves Ranbir, as I used to. She says that love ended. Shahana says she is his daughter, he won’t do anything wrong to her. Shahana says Khushi is a small girl and won’t understand. Prachi says I’m marrying Akshay for Khushi.

Shahana says then you shall marry Ranbir again. Prachi asks why didn’t hear what he said yesterday, and says I loved him so much that I gave my life for him, but he didn’t trust me and left me alone all the time. She says he didn’t tell me about Panchi when he discovered she was alive. She says I was helpless not to tell him, as he has planned his life with Rhea. She says the truth is that he never loved me and broke my trust always. She says he had hidden from me that Khushi was there. Khushi is like me, so I am afraid he will break her heart just like I did. That is why I cannot marry him.

Ashok says I will go stand with baraat. Dadi says she will inform Prachi about the cancellation of this marriage. Shahana asks her to cancel this marriage. A boy says baraat has arrived. Ashok says I will go and stand with baraat. As Shahana explains, he has saved you from death, so what proof do you want for his death?

She says even he might be feeling the same and that’s why he might not have told you. She asks her to understand that they both are going through the same pain, and she says it’s selfish not to think about Khushi’s happiness. She says she won’t be happy if either parent takes Khushi away.


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