Faltu 22nd May 2023 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Written Episode of Faltu 22nd May 2023 on WorldofEntertainment.in

Shanaya asks Ruhaan to assist Faltu in the episode. Faltu says I don’t know about business, I request you to think about it, my family has memories of JM Mart, so please don’t change its name. He says that’s not possible, focus on your husband’s case or you may lose it. The lawyer says there is no evidence to support Ayaan’s innocence. Kanika and Tanu sent goons and snatched the proof, she will get it back. She discusses the case with them, and she leaves. Daima says we shouldn’t let Faltu take advantage of Shanaya’s condition.

Kanika says we will nullify your marriage to Sid and tell the family it was a drama, and that you have no interest in Sid. Tanu says I want Ayaan. Kanika says no. Kanika says I have to settle with you first. Tanu says I can’t lose. Kanika hugs Tanu and says we will give Sid compensation, he will be glad to get crores after losing everything.

Sid gets angry and says this is your plan, I won’t let this happen, I won’t lose. Faltu emerges from Ruhaan’s house and speaks to the chawl guys. She inquires about the CCTV footage. She says Ruhaan asked the lawyer to take Ayaan’s case. She asks Akshay to go to the office. Faltu goes to get CCTV footage. She sees a traffic inspector fainting. Faltu makes him drink water. He says thanks, how can I help you. She tells him everything and asks him to help. He agrees. Dadi calls Faltu and asks if you’ve arranged any help.

She says no, don’t worry, everything will be fine, I’m trying to make things right, take care. She goes and gets the CCTV footage. She sees the number plate of the car and says, I’ve seen that number plate somewhere. Kinshuk and Ayesha argue. She says she is leaving you. She says Dad is unwell, Ayaan isn’t here, and how will Faltu deal with things alone? Ayesha argues. He asks her to think again. Kumkum comes and asks where she is going.

Ayesha says I don’t have a choice, it’s my dad’s place. Kumkum says you can’t leave, wait a while. Faltu meets Ayaan in the lockup, telling him he hates Tanu, she’s the cause of all our problems, and Ruhaan won’t return the business if you say no. Faltu says he refused to change the name when I asked him not to.

Ruhaan says you have to handle this alone. She says he asked his lawyer to fight your case. He asks why, what does he want, we can’t trust him. She says I helped his sister, so he is helping us too. She tells him everything. Shanaya seems strange to her, and she considers me a friend now.

Ayaan asks how this can happen so fast; it’s Ruhaan’s plan. She says don’t think much, I’ll help you. She asks about the car number plate.


Faltu prays for Ayaan. Ayaan tells her to talk to Brijbhushan, he will help us. Faltu goes looking for Brijbhushan.

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