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As the episode begins, Ruhaan asks Shanaya if she is hurt too much. Faltu tells Shanaya to rest. Ruhaan says you are Faltu Singh or Faltu Mittal. She asks if you know me. Thank you for bringing my sister home, he says I keep information on everyone involved in JM Mart. He gets a call. He asks her to come. He asks what can I do for you? She says Kanika and Tanisha sold JM Mart to you to take revenge on Janardhan, how would my family feel if they saw the house go to another family?

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He claims Janardhan took a loan from Kanika, and Ayaan is accused of theft, which means they cheated Kanika. She says my family didn’t do anything, Ayaan is innocent. He says I have taken over the business since Janardhan was incapable of running it. Keep in mind you are at my house, and I do not meet anyone without an appointment. I apologize, she says.

The only thing that matters in business is survival, not emotions. I will take care of it now, please don’t steal my dad’s identity. He says it’s my company now, I can keep any name I like. You play cricket, right? She says yes, but how do you know? He says I’ve seen your viral videos for good and bad reasons and I want you to stay away from my sister. He asks the lawyer to handle Ayaan’s case and get him out of jail.

It is her job to get case details from you. She thanks Matarani. She sees Shanaya having a seizure. The lawyer says she is panicking, so I will call Ruhaan. Faltu says to call her parents. Daima says they passed away six years ago. Faltu calms Shanaya down. Ruhaan sees Faltu running.

Daima asks Shanaya to see the amazing match as Faltu distracts her. Shanaya calms down and smiles. Daima asks if we should give her medicines. Ruhaan says no, it’s not necessary. Faltu talks to Shanaya. According to Daima, they are talking as if they know each other, but that doesn’t seem right to me.

A house layout is shown to Sid and the officials. Dadi and Savita argue with him. Sid and Tanisha talk. Faltu says I’ll tell you my secret as well. Shanaya tells about her accident. Faltu pacifies her and hugs her. She says, I like you, tell me what secret you’re going to share with me.

I play cricket as well, Faltu says. Shanaya asks if you’ll teach me cricket. Faltu says after losing his eyesight, he gave up, but he has now played cricket again. Tanu says Tanu, we can’t go back now. We should leave this house for Mittals, Tanu says, I did this to get Ayaan because I thought Faltu would sacrifice her love for us. Sid looks on as Kanika says if we back out, they will think it was our fault, Ruhaan will cancel this deal, and we should just leave, you should cancel this marriage deal with Sid.


During the meeting, Shanaya says she is glad to meet you, so please give me your contact number, while Daima suggests we schedule a meeting for Shanaya and Faltu.

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