Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 4th May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 4th May 2023, Written Update on

A man tells Surilii and Shiv about his financial problems. He apologizes to her. He tells about his daughter Tara. She asks how old Tara is. He says 8 years. He thanks her. Shivendra tells him that he did wrong. Surilii says he has returned and is stuck here because his situation has caused him to do so. She frees the man. The man swears he will not run away from Shivendra.

Rani maa says Veera has sent me the jungle map, we have to find Shiv. Raghu says yes. Shivendra says the phone is drenched in water, so it won’t get sad. Surilii listens to the man. He says my kids won’t be like me, I will arrange money so that my son doesn’t suffer, hunger is a big thing and makes a person steal, don’t send me to jail, I have responsibility on me, I know Shivendra is a rich man, I apologize, I didn’t intend to cause you loss.

He ties his hands and says I can’t take any risks unless the law decides to punish you or not. Rani maa is worried. She refuses to eat. Maan says we know you can’t eat, but we’ll find Shiv. Raghu says have food for my sake, for Shiv’s sake. He feeds her the food. Raghu promises to give Surilii Shivendra on her birthday. He says you have a daughter, right? She replies Diya, she is Sasha’s daughter, I am her Maasi. He smiles. She says I love her a lot.

In her words, the man is broken, if we break him anymore, he will shatter. Shivendra says he already cheated you, we shouldn’t forgive cheaters. Veera is still searching for Shiv. Madhu asks about Surilii. Hari says Shivendra met her in Mumbai. Swati says I have a headache. Madhu gives her a pill and asks are you okay. Swati says I had to stay with Ranimaa. She asks Hari to find out. History will repeat itself, Madhu says.

Veera calls Ranimaa and says I think Shivendra is around. Shivendra sees Surilii sleeping. She wakes up. In the jungle, somebody has to guard me, so I’m not friendly to sleep. She says I have a transport company, but I can sleep all day and all night. She jokes. Shivendra laughs. The man says let me go for nature’s call, I won’t run away. Surilii says if you stop singing, Shivendra will catch you. Shivendra smiles.


Surilii thanks Shivendra for all the help. He nods in agreement. Rani maa asks Gunni to tell her everything. She says, “I’ll fight with every Kaalik.”.

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