Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Zuzu uncle and Sasha joke at Surilii about not allowing the real prince. Diya says I want a princess-themed party. Sasha asks Surilii to become a princess when she gets a chance. Diya says we’ll go buy glass slippers or my prince won’t find me. Sasha asks if you don’t recognize the prince and make him go away. Diya says no, I’m going with him. Surilii says we’ll buy slippers.

Sasha asks Surilii to give her prince a chance. According to Diya, Cinderella’s life gets so good after the prince comes into her life. As Surilii says, it’s better for every princess to handle her problems again. You become the prince and princess in your life. Diya says we’ll throw a party. Rani Maa asks Maan to finalize the caterers and designs as well.

She says to think of the reason, I decided that Swati would become my bahu. Raghu smiles. Maan confirms Surilii’s café details and smiles. Jai talks to Rani Maa. She asks him to host the event tomorrow. Raghu asks why did you call Swati and Madhu here. She says to think of the reason, I decided that Swati would become my bahu. Maan smiles.

He asks Swati if she will marry Shivendra. She asks if can anyone say no to Shiv. Maan asks did you ask Shiv. She says it’s a surprise for him, I will give him this gift. Raghu says I’m expecting Shiv. She scolds the maid. Madhu says my answer is no. Swati says my answer is yes. Swati says you don’t know them. Swati says I’ve spent my childhood with them. Swati says you called it a golden cage before, and I love Rani Maa and that golden cage. Madhu says you’re a fool. Swati says tell me what your problem is.

Madhu says Rani Maa left the question in front of me, so I couldn’t answer without asking Hari. Hari asks what. Swati says Shivendra and my marriage. Seeing Swati, Hari says wow and hugs her. Swati leaves for the parlour. Hari looks at Madhu. After reaching Ranakgarh, Shivendra meets Raghu and asks if he is all right. Raghu says yes. Shivendra asks if there is anything wrong.

Raghu asks Shivendra about cancelling the deal and insulting Talwar. Shivendra says we can’t deal with him, I have signed a better deal, do business by seeing people, don’t worry, I will handle everything. Raghu approves. She has sent a proposal, what’s the problem? Madhu says we’ll let Swati go to the palace, we’ll ask Rani Maa to stop it. He says she has helped us a lot, to forget the past.

She says I won’t push my daughter in that hell, explain to Rani Maa to step back, otherwise, I will tell Madhu everything. Maasi comes to Surilii ’s café. Surilii decorates the café. Maasi says I will help you, this princess decoration isn’t good. Surilii says Diya likes it. Maasi says we shouldn’t have such big dreams.

I have run this café alone and raised you and Sasha, you have to handle Diya now. Surilii says Shiv was just a customer. Maasi says you have chosen a prince. Shivendra gets a welcome in the palace. Rani Maa goes to see him. Shivendra asks Gunni how she is. She says she is better now. He asks her to take care. He comes to Rani Maa.


Shivendra says I want you to respect my choice and decision. Rani Maa asks if I cannot do that. Surilii says I won’t leave you, Maasi, love is a waste of time.

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