Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum19th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shiv and Rani Maa are welcomed by Rani Maa in the episode. He asks how are you? She replies I got tired while waiting for you, so we will eat dinner and then talk. Shivendra meets his brothers Maan and Sam. Raghu stays away. Sam jokes that Rani Maa is upset with Shiv. Shivendra and his mother are on the same page, says Maan. Maan asks Raghu to come. Hari says you won’t tell anything to Swati. Madhu says stop me and see, I am her mother. She explains. Shivendra says attention will always be on you, Sam.

He says to let Swati’s dream get fulfilled. She argues with him. He says don’t make it an issue. Swati says she likes power and wants to become Damayanti’s bahu. Hari says we shouldn’t divulge it to anyone. She says Swati won’t become Damayanti. Everyone sits down to eat. She jokes. She says I wanted to ask about Talwar’s deal being cancelled. Shivendra says we didn’t start this business just to earn money, Talwar has no place in it. Sam laughs.

Sam tells about the governor. Shivendra serves Rani Maa the food. She says let it be, I’m fine. Shivendra says forgive me. He sits up. She says this isn’t for you anymore, you’re grown up. He says I didn’t have the food well because you were upset. She says fine. He tries to give a speech. Raghu corrects him. They laugh. Sam says we should host the event in Hindi. Maan says okay. Rani Maa sees her son happy and smiles.

Surilii ‘s social networking page caught Maan’s attention. Maasi says I came here to help my sister and take care of the café. I considered you my daughter. Surilii made her sleep. She says a few things are in her heart, you have given your life’s 20 years to me, I won’t leave you and go, love is a waste of time, and family means a lot to me. Surilii asks Rani Maa to calm down and sleep. Rani Maa goes to see all her sons and takes care of them. Shivendra is still working. Rani Maa and Shivendra talk.

It brings back a childhood memory. She smiles. He apologizes for fighting with you that day. She says yes, you make me agree with you. Despite my long history of holding your hand, I am 36 years old now, so if you want your sons to become independent, you have to let go. He says I will try again.

She says I am the head of the family, I called you, but you didn’t come home. I sent Maan and Veera. He says you aren’t understanding, you can’t control us.

I have protected you all by control, says Rani Maa. As he says, we have grown up, so you don’t need to protect us anymore but trust us, you can control Sam, you worry about Maan more, and Raghu wants to be your shadow. Despite loving you, I want to make my own life decisions. The decision for which people are thanking me did not come from me; you want to share the credit with me, and I want you to respect my choices.

He says I just want you to respect it. She asks what if I don’t. He says I’m your son and I’m stubborn like you, so I’ll fulfil my dreams.


Shivendra asks Veera why she went to Mumbai. Veera says her name is Surilii. Rani Maa says go there and end this chapter.

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