Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 10th May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum, 10th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shivendra says you should sing, but Surilii says it’s too painful. He says when you sing, your parents will live again. She says I have to go now, bye. She smiles and leaves. He smiles and says I can’t let her go like this. He runs after her. She sits in the cab and leaves.

He asks where is Surilii. Bandish says she just left. Shivendra takes a car key and leaves. Bandish says not again. Maan sees Raghu. Swati is delighted and gets ready. Surilii is met by Shivendra in the car. She says you are here, everything is okay. He says you didn’t tell the whole story. She says I just told you.

Swati gets ready and Madhu looks on as Rani Maa tells Shivendra that he offered to give her anything she wants. Shivendra tries to convince her by saying they can make some good memories and encourages her to listen to her heart. She agrees and jokes that from now on, he’s responsible for her. He says no more jokes that he doesn’t understand before they leave for Mumbai.

Maan says tell mum everything. Raghu says she won’t listen to me if I say I love Swati. Maan says only the relationship is fixed, marriage hasn’t happened. Mithi sets up the projector, surprising Sam. Shivendra and Surilii arrive. They talk. Music plays……Rani Maa sends him a message.

Your brothers have planned a surprise for me, so come soon, I’m waiting, and I want a gift from you. She asks him to reply to his mom. The girl says she’s driving. The girl asks for the passcode, and he tells her. She says she’s celebrating your mom’s birthday. He replies to Rani Maa. Sam jokes and says no crying, no anger. Rani Maa sees her son’s childhood videos and cries. Maan asks Rani Maa how she liked the gift. She says it was great. Sam says tell Shivendra that our gift is better. All of you are equal to me, your love, respect, and gifts are equal to mine.

We are equal to Maa, just tell her once, Mahan says. Raghu says forget it. Surilii is stuck in traffic. Maasi calls her and asks her to come soon. Surilii talks to Diya. She asks Shivendra to drop her off, she will take a shortcut. Shivendra says I will drop you off at the auditorium. Surilii says it’s a magic mantra. She teaches Diya. Surilii thanks, but I am late.

Whenever Shivendra asks when we will meet again, she replies when you return to Mumbai. He asks did you save my number. She replies yes, bye. Monty attacks her. Shivendra asks what’s up. He asks if you are fine. Monty says you want to trap rich guys and have all the money on your own. Shivendra asks if she is okay. She gets shocked and shouts Shiv.


In Surilii’s story, Monty stabbed Shiv. Rani Maa appears and sees Surilii.

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