Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shivendra and Bandish meet Murad Chacha in the episode. Shivendra explains that old things are close to his heart. Bandish suggests we get the gramophone fixed at some restoration gallery. Shivendra refuses. A pigeon drops on the car and he calls it good luck.

Surilii and Sasha come to the same lane. Sasha says your prince charming is coming to you and you will get what you did not pray for, it is your day. Surilii says I just want your doll house. Bandish and Shivendra get out of the car. Rani Maa calls Bandish and asks why the Talwars deal was cancelled. She asks where is Shiv, I want to talk to him. He says Shivendra isn’t here, he has gone to find Shiddat. Rani Maa asks where are you? Purani Gali, Bandish says, we came to fix a gramophone for a girl we met at the hotel. Because of her, Shivendra couldn’t go to Ranakgarh. She worries. Surilii asks for a doll house with two floors. She leaves.

The man says we are his children, he won’t meet you, he doesn’t work anymore. Shivendra says I have imp work, I heard he fixes old things, call him one. Bandish says this place is dangerous, we’ll leave if you’ve met Murad Chacha. Shivendra says he doesn’t work anymore. Murad Chacha says who told you, show me the gramophone.

Murad Chacha checks the gramophone. Surilii and Sasha bargain for a doll house. Shivendra asks whether it will get fixed. Murad asks whether it’s yours or someone else’s. Shivendra says it’s not ours. Murad says it’s fine, but I won’t do it. Bandish says Shivendra is Ranakgarh’s prince, so it needs to be fixed. Murad says I don’t work now. Shivendra says it’s an old gramophone, a legacy from someone.

Suriliai says we don’t have as much money, but we’ll take the doll house. She gives the records and asks how much I’ll get for them. She says the gramophone broke at night. Murad sits to play Carrom. Shivendra sits to play. Murad has not lost any games in the last 15 years; Shivendra will now lose. Surilii asks him to ask Murad once. Bandish says no need to do all this, we are too dignified for this. Shivendra plays the carom. Murad asks is this the gramophone of your parents.

Murad says it belongs to a special person, what’s her name? Shivendra says I don’t know her name, I don’t even know her well, it broke due to my mistake, it’s my responsibility to fix it and return it.

Murad says you came here with her 50-year-old gramophone, that’s foolishness, I’ll call it love, what else, the beginning of love, Shivendra says I understand you well. Shivendra replies, “It’s just the beginning of rectifying the mistake”. Sasha asks what’s going on. Murad wins the carrom match. A man tells Sasha there’s a rich man challenging Murad. Murad wins.

Murad tells a story about his love. He says people who are in love lose in carom. Bandish asks will you fix the carrom. Shivendra responds no, a deal is a deal, you’re a great player and an interesting person, help me, is there anyone else who can fix it? Murad does not reply. I told the two girls that old gramophone records don’t sell these days, but the man claims two girls have come and wanted to sell them. Murad says no.

As Murad looks at the records, he smiles. He says the girl has also come here for the gramophone, so we can’t separate, so I have to fix it now. Shivendra asks if you’ll fix it once I’m lost. Murad says you won when you came here, so if you buy these records, I’ll fix your gramophone for free.

Rani Maa is scared seeing Kalik. She asks Veera to find out everything about the girl with the gramophone. The woman says the records were sold, so take any dollhouse you want.

She gets a call asking her to vacate the property. Sasha scolds the lady. She asks Surilii to disregard it. Surilii asks how we can ignore it. She hears the gramophone sound and goes outside. She sees the gramophone and smiles. She dances. Shivendra watches her.


He says, Shivendra… Rani Maa says I will talk to Hari about Swati and Shiv’s marriage. Raghu gets angry. Shivendra says your forgiveness is very important to me. She says I am Surilii. He says Shivender…

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