Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th July 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 14th July 2023 on

The Episode begins with Swati thinking of Madhu’s words. She leaves. Rani Maa cries and goes to her room. Sam says it’s okay if she didn’t tell us, we shouldn’t judge her, look at her, she’s so hurt, please do something. Shiv hugs her. Shiv goes after Surilii. Shiv recalls their fight. Mithi comes to tell about Rani Maa. Shiv leaves. Maan gets sad and writes poetry. Rani Maa cries and takes the jewellery off.

He says, it’s okay, you’ve done your duty, we’re proud of you, you thought your kids were so weak, you didn’t share this pain, why? Surilii comes. We have been saved from this danger, but you made me fall into my children’s eyes. Rani Maa thank you, she said. I apologize, I didn’t mean that, I wanted to protect the family, I didn’t know the big secret, so I came to check because I heard you didn’t take medicines. I apologize, forgive me.

I respect you even more, Rani Maa says. She says Shiv, I’m tired, I want some rest. Shiv takes care of her. Samar is locked up. A constable scolds him. Ambitai says you are here.

Shiv says I’m really sorry, Surilii. There is nothing to say now, she says. I now know what my value is in your life, everyone taunts me a lot since I came into this house, but I didn’t care about it, I knew you loved me, you called our relationship a mistake, and I have proven my innocence, and I am proud of my upbringing. The havan arrangements are done, Mithi asks Shiv to attend. He says I will attend.

“My purpose in coming here,” my sister begins, “was to understand why you took these actions.” Ambitai responds, “This sacrifice was essential. I am aware that you intend to dismantle the Barot family and exact revenge. Give me your word.” Samar assures her, stating, “Your sacrifice will not be in vain. Surilii shattered my heart, and now it’s her turn. She will not witness the morning sun.”

The attorney hands over the bail documents. The inspector instructs the constable to step aside, allowing Samar to go free. Samar takes Ambitai’s blessing and leaves the havan. Samar does the puja as well. Surilii calls Maan. The man who has hurt my mum so much and destroyed our family, I won’t attend the havan for him, Maan says sorry.

She says calm down, your anger is justified, try to understand, it is between your mom and dad if Rani Maa is in puja, it means she has forgiven him, who are we to decide, we can heal Rani Maa’s wounds, you love her so much, come. If I snatch their happiness, Samar promises you. Surilii and Maan come into the puja and sit there. He says I will use their seven sins against them and end them.


Surilii sees the divorce papers. She angrily removes the mangalsutra and leaves. Shiv says she didn’t wait for me.


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