Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 5th September 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

He confronts Roshni about the fake cancer. She looks on as Samar takes her away. Raghav says it’s time to break this web of fake ties because no one can join. She pushes Samar and asks what do you mean. Samar says violence, I like women who are violent, don’t underestimate Samar, I find out everything about your friends and enemies, I will share another secret with you, as we are partners.

Swati says… Raghav says I was helpless, I had to agree to mum. Swati says she will tell Rani Maa I am not pregnant. Roshni comes and says your plan is more dangerous than the fake pregnancy plan, Rani Maa will never forgive you. Raghav says I won’t tolerate your interference. Swati asks her to forget what she heard.

She says relax, I’m your friend, Samar sent me, keep this lie and do something big. Raghav asks her to keep the advice. Swati says I’m not foolish like Shiv. They talk. Roshni says we have to continue this pregnancy plan and make a place in Rani Maa’s heart, then see what happens, I promise I have a plan, I’m fighting for your rights.

Mohit strums his guitar while Rani Maa gazes at him, reminiscing about Shiv’s childhood. Just then, Surilii enters and reminds Mohit not to disturb Rani Maa in her room. She quickly apologizes to Rani Maa, who clarifies that the guitar is for her actual grandson and not Mohit. Roshni also steps in, supporting Rani Maa’s statement. To make amends, she urges Mohit to apologize and he does so with a heartfelt hug. Surilii secretly hopes that one day Rani Maa will accept Mohit as her own and embrace him too. In the meantime, she suggests that Mohit go have some chocolate milkshake, and reassures Roshni that Rani Maa only spoke in anger.

Roshni argues with Surilii, then asks her to take care before leaving. While Surilii prays for her baby’s protection, Swati approaches Samar and questions his choice of sending Roshni as a messenger instead of coming himself. Samar assures her that their plan will work out and asks her to trust him. Meanwhile, Shiv teaches Mohit the basics of horse riding, which Mohit thoroughly enjoys. Later, Roshni updates Samar on the success of their mission, but expresses concern about Raghav’s loyalty to his family. Samar assures her that he has control over Raghav and advises her to focus on their plan without worrying too much.

It will not happen this time, we know who will die. He says you don’t worry about the risk, Swati is with us, we will win, poor Surili, she is smart and innocent, she is a good person, do as I say. They smile.


As Samar brainwashes Raghav, Roshni tells Swati her plan. Surilii enters the room.


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