Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th September 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Surili says she will always treat you with love, while Samar says love is weak, and my hatred will end your love. The love between the family will never end, she says you are wrong. Love is much more powerful, and you won’t achieve anything with this hatred. He says two days and this Barot family will end, that’s a challenge. She says it won’t happen, you can try again, all the best. He says we’ll see. Then he leaves.

Then Roshni asks Samar what happened. You look worried instead of happy, you got what you wanted. She asks what you’re going to do now. He says I want to take their happiness, and make them helpless. He says just see. Everyone hears the fire alarm, and everyone leaves the building. Samar says I rang this, so pack your bags and get out of your room.

We have accepted your condition, Samar says, but the final decision will be mine, you can stay here if you want, but not a lavish life, you’ll stay in the kitchen, Surili says. Raghav nods.

Surili smiles and says it’s bad time for a few days. Samar says no. He asks what do you think, Maan, can you stay there, I don’t care, go and pack your bags. Mohit sends them. Roshni asks Mohit to come with her. He says no, I’ll go with them. He leaves. The bedsheet is spread by Surili and everyone smiles. Mohit asks Ranimaa to join them. Everyone laughs. Samar looks at them and departs.

He throws some albums. Everyone comes to see. Samar says I didn’t call you all. He burns the albums. Ranimaa cries. He asks her to tell the stories to her children. Surili says we’re together, we’ll make new memories and new albums together. Mohit says Papa…. Shiv gets emotional and says say again.

Shiv says his son called him Papa, and Mohit wipes his tears. Mohit says don’t cry, I’m there with you all. Maan asks if we should talk to Samar, he is also part of this family. Surili says yes, but let Samar calm down. He says right. Roshni arrives. Mohit says I’ll have breakfast with dad now that I’ve slept with the whole family.

Then Shiv appears. In a matter of days, he says he’ll fight Samar and win as well. She says it’s your fight, don’t bring Mohit into it. He says he’s a Barot and I don’t want my son away from me. He leaves. Shiv and Surili discuss the problem with the lawyer. According to the lawyer, it’s good that you didn’t leave the house and that there is a way out.

We shouldn’t be doing this right, Maan says, Samar is a family member, and we should resolve family issues at home. Shiv says he started this fight. Raghav says we will end it. Ranimaa says yes, they are right. Samar tells me to clean my mother’s photo frame and light a diya respectfully.

Shiv says I won’t leave Samar. Surili says we shouldn’t lose courage, time will change for sure, patience is a must. Ranimaa says I didn’t anticipate this.


Samar says the good news is that this house will be auctioned. Everyone is shocked at the news.


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