Kumkum Bhagya 23rd October Written Update

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Akshay tells the goon that he has hired him to kill Ranbir, and likewise, he can hire another goon to kill Ranbir. Akshay is hit by the goon who says you have given incomplete supri, but we did the work and killed Ranbir. He asks Akshay to give him the money, so he can show him what he can do. Ashok hears him and slaps him. As soon as he hears him, the goons run away.

In response to Akshay’s question, Ashok says if the police discover his madness, he will be hanged for murder. He asks if you want me to be hanged and says I don’t know what happened to him. Akshay looks at him and says this way. Ashok says shameless and mannerless, how dare you talk to me looking into my eye. A man says he has no regrets for what he has done, and he will head to his wife after his lecture. Ashok follows him inside. He gets in. Ashok is behind him.

Ashok asks Akshay to come to his senses and asks what he has done? He says he is not afraid of him or Police. He says he just wants Prachi. He says as you are my father, I will not obey you. Ashok asks him to come to his senses and asks what he has done? Akshay asks him to feel proud and distribute sweets. Ashok shouts Akshay. Akshay asks him to cry at his destiny for having Kaput instead of Sapoot. Ashok sits in shock. Manpreet arrives.

Ashok begs for forgiveness, admitting that he feels powerless in the face of the situation and everything has gone wrong. Despite giving his child a good upbringing, he questions how this could have happened. While Manpreet goes to fetch some water for him, the doorbell rings and the servant is quick to answer it. Ashok’s attention is drawn to Mihika, who has brought Ranbir to their home. Concerned, he asks if Ranbir is alright and embraces him tightly. Ranbir, noticing Ashok’s injuries, asks what happened. Mihika also joins them and inquires about the situation. Ranbir explains that he sustained minor injuries from being attacked by some criminals and urges her not to inform Prachi as it would worry her unnecessarily. He assures them that once he recovers, he will conduct his own investigation into the matter.

As Ashok sits on the sofa, shocked, Manpreet looks at him. Prachi wakes up and tells Vishaka that he has returned? Vishaka asks who? Prachi says Ranbir has come back? She goes out. Vishaka thinks this fever of heart is bad. She collides with Akshay and tells him she is going to see Ranbir. Akshay says you behave like you don’t exist for you and says let Ranbir die.

What do you mean that you are not my husband? Prachi says you know that my heart beats for my husband even now, and I married you for Khushi’s custody. She says you know well about Ranbir and Khushi, and I hope you got all the answers. She leaves. Akshay says Ranbir won’t return, but his death news will come. Abhay calls him.

In his room, Mihika makes Ranbir sit. She takes off his shoes. Ranbir says he’s fine and tells her to go do her work. He says Prachi will know I’m not fine if you stay here. Mihika says if I say something, then you’ll feel bad. Ranbir says don’t say anything. Mihika says she wants to ask you something. I’m going to make you feel bad, he says.

Upon asking why Prachi is important to you, Mihika inquires why you feel and care about her. Ranbir says you want me to repeat it. Mihika says I’m not sure if I say that. Ranbir says then you’re betraying me and yourself. Mihika says he’s going to wash her hands. It occurs to Ranbir that he has to tell everyone that Mihika and him are not together. Mihika leaves.

He gets up and falls. Prachi holds him and asks if you are okay? He says I’m fine, and he asks if you’re okay. Mihika asks what’s going on? Prachi says Ranbir was about to fall. Mihika asks why he got up. Ranbir asks about Khushi. Prachi says she’s in her room. Ashok informs Manpreet that Ranbir’s life is in danger. This is why Prachi was saying that Ranbir’s life was in danger. Manpreet says that’s why Prachi said that.

Ashok says Prachi needs to be shown to the doctor and told that Ranbir has arrived. Vishaka asks how Prachi knew that Ashok was stabbed. Manpreet says Prachi felt that he was in danger that time. Ashok says they have heart relations. Manpreet says they have heart to heart connections. Ashok tells that we cannot change destiny. Vishaka sits on the sofa and asks about Akshay and Mihika.

Mihika asks Prachi why she’s running behind Ranbir. Prachi asks what you mean and asks her to clarify. Mihika asks her not to act. Prachi says she doesn’t want to talk to her, and is going to see Ranbir. Mihika says he is fine. Prachi says I want to see him myself. Mihika stops her and says you won’t go anywhere, and asks her to stay away from Ranbir. Prachi says she feels pain.

Mihika has expressed concern that being around you may cause you pain, so it would be best for you to keep your distance. Her grip tightens on your hand. Prachi advises Mihika to stay away from Ranbir and reminds her that fate will ultimately take its course. She also mentions her daughter’s well-being and explains that she cannot risk having her father taken away from her. Prachi shares her decision to protect Ranbir from any potential harm and points out that he has always been there for Mihika but the same cannot be said for her. Mihika adds that her fiancé is often seen spending time with you and vice versa.

According to Prachi, you have impure thoughts and Khushi holds a special place in her life while Ranbir has captured her heart. Mihika claims that Ranbir belongs to her alone. Prachi mentions that Rhea used to make the same declaration. Disregarding any potential ideas, Mihika warns Prachi to keep her distance from Ranbir. Despite being willing to participate in their wedding, Prachi has now seen Mihika’s true intentions and refuses to let Ranbir marry her. Mihika confidently announces that Ranbir will ask everyone to prepare for the wedding ceremony and that he will propose to her himself in two days’ time.

Abhay informs Akshay that Prachi bhabhi never expressed her love for him and he seems to be trying to force her into a relationship. Akshay responds nonchalantly, asking what’s the problem with that. Abhay counters by reminding him that Prachi has always been clear about her feelings for Ranbir and questions why he is pressuring her into a relationship. Akshay then asks if Ranbir put him up to saying this. He then appeals to their brotherly bond, asking Abhay to support him. However, Abhay reiterates that Prachi does not love him. Akshay states that being in an unrequited marriage is fine for him. Abhay points out that even their marriage did not take place. At this, Akshay demands for Abhay to keep quiet. However, in reality, things don’t seem to be working out well for any of them.

Khushi hugs Ranbir and tells him that he was scared of not seeing her again when he had gone outside. She asks him to be there and goes. Akshay sees Ranbir in Khushi’s room and thinks Raghu has no use. Khushi ties the holy thread on Ranbir’s hand and tells him she loves him Papa, don’t be scared I’m here with you. Akshay is angry.

Khushi smiles as Ranbir kisses her on the thread. Akshay leaves. Khushi tells Akshay not to be scared because she is with him, your bodyguard. She hugs Ranbir. Ranbir says I love you. Naina song plays….Khushi hugs him and asks him to do her work, asks him to open her almira since she wants to play. He gives her toys. Akshay comes to his room and gets upset.


A real wedding will be shown to Khushi, Ranbir says. Khushi tells him she wants to see Mamma’s wedding and asks Ranbir to marry her. Ranbir says it is a good idea and I will marry your Mamma. Mihika listens to him. As he prepares for his marriage, Ranbir asks Prachi not to add carbohydrates.


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