Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th September 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Surili stating the need for patience. She mentions that although Samar’s actions are incorrect, he is not a bad person. He is simply acting out of pain, the same pain that he and his mother have experienced. Ranimaa questions her, to which Surili responds by revealing the truth. She reminds Ranimaa that Samar shares the same bloodline and adds that while Shiv received love, support and guidance from her, Samar and his mother were deprived of it. Ranimaaa accuses her of taking their side, but Surili clarifies that she is not favoring anyone. She believes that it is essential to acknowledge the truth and put an end to the difference between them. With this explanation, she tries to make Ranimaa understand her perspective.

Ranimaa visits Samar, who claims ownership of the room and palace since it belongs to Suchitra Devi. Ranimaa clarifies that she did not intend to hurt his mother or show her disrespect. She came to speak the truth as a dutiful wife would, anyone in her place would do the same. As a result, she received justice and became Queen Ranak, showing respect towards Suchitra Devi who did not ask for anything or fight back. Suchitra Devi knew that love alone cannot conquer the world, one must also have principles and strong relationships on their side. Samar, being her son and inheriting his father’s blood, is just like him.

His argument goes like this: you may have enmity with me, relations are made with love, one gets drawn to love, one gets lonely with hatred. Samar argues with her. Ranimaa says I had four children and then got to know about your mum, and I kept my patience. Despite losing, Samar says you’re proud of your dynasty, so we’ll see. As he grabs the oath frame, he says he will ruin it just like he ruined Barots. She says no, it’s my ancestral vows, spare it, it’s a symbol of our family.

New vows will be written. He throws the frame and steps on it. Ranimaa says no, don’t do this. Shiv stops Samar and takes the frame. Ranimaa taunts Samar. Samar asks her to leave. As Ranimaa says, I have my sons with me, you keep the house, I came to talk to you with love, but I think you know the language of battle; you don’t deserve my love, you are not family to me.

Shiv asks her to come. They go. Samar gets angry and hurts himself. He remembers his mother. Roshni asks what she said. He replies that Ranimaa is proud of her sons and has been talking about auctioning this palace in two days.

In his call, he talks about the auction. He says he told him, I would not let them handle this, we would win. He sees his mother’s ashes. In the morning, Samar dines. He asks everyone to eat lunch. He says sit down, I have some good news, eat sweets. He says Ranak palace will be auctioned. They are shocked by this news.

Ranimaa asks what. Samar taunts her. He eats the food. Shiv says you can’t do this. Samar says your palace is gone, shall I get Ranimaa a hut outside? He laughs. She says we came to be part of your sorrow, to explain you, and to handle you. Shiv tells Ranimaa to calm down. Samar says all the best and goes. Surili and Maan stop Samar.


Shiv and Samar fight. Shiv is shot by a man. Surili and Ranimaa rush to Shiv’s aid.


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