Anupama 31st July 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 31st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shahs and Kapadias were happy to celebrate Kavya’s baby shower ceremony, despite having many differences with each other. He urges them to always stand together against all obstacles. Hasmukh says they both got everyone emotional. Toshu asks if the party is over. Anuj says it isn’t. Anuj and Vanraj dance with their partners in a song called Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye. The whole family joins in.

Anupama notices Kavya’s tension and pulls her aside, as if sensing there is something important on her mind. After a brief hesitation, Kavya reveals that she has been wanting to confide in Anupama. Anupama nods patiently, encouraging her to speak her mind. Kavya then proceeds to share how everyone around them is overjoyed about the upcoming arrival of the baby – V is ecstatic and already showering it with love, Leela has been unusually kind, and V has even started making investments for the little one’s future. Yet, despite this seemingly perfect scenario, Kavya confesses that she has been grappling with a secret that could potentially ruin everything. The weight of guilt has been eating away at her, and she can no longer keep it inside. Anupama insists that she reveal what it is.

The baby doesn’t belong to V, Kavya says. Anupama stands shocked. Kavya repeats. Anupama takes her to a room and asks, “If not Mr Shah, who is the father of this baby, Anirudh?” Kavya nods yes. Vanraj tells family this is his most beautiful day. Anuj asks why he is dancing. He jokes that Anuj is getting old, but not him, since he is becoming a father. He goes to get some water.

Kavya tells Anupama that she wasn’t trying to burden her with her secrets, but that she feels comfortable sharing them only with her. Anuj goes in search of Anupama and Vanraj goes in search of Kavya. Anupama says she should be sorry for her act and not revealing secrets. She asks how this happened when Anirudh was just her friend. Kavya says it just happened.

They search for Anupama and Kavya thinking Kavya must have felt weak and Anupama must have taken her to a room. Choti Anu stops them and takes a selfie with them. Kavya says she felt weak for a short time. If she has problems with her relationship, she should end it and do whatever she wants; she can’t make excuses for infidelity, etc., the whole family has to bear punishment for her one weak moment.

Kavya rationalizes her actions by pointing out that it was not solely her fault. She claims that Vanraj and his family share the blame, as he never treated her with respect and his mother, Leela, often made hurtful remarks. Kavya explains how she made sacrifices for Vanraj and his family, but they never acknowledged her efforts. Despite her deep love for Vanraj, she never received the same love in return. She reminds him of how he initially did not want to marry her after carrying on an affair for eight years and failed to appreciate her worth. During their separation, Kavya resided in hotels yet Vanraj and his family did not make an effort to locate her. While in Mumbai for a modeling assignment, she met Anirudh during a vulnerable moment and gave into temptation.

Anuj jokes that he has really gone old and helps Vanraj. Vanraj says he is worried for Kavya and wants to see her first. Kavya continues to justify her actions.


Upon hearing that Kavya’s baby belongs to Anirudh and not to him, Vanraj is devastated. Brkha refuses to accept Anirudh’s illegitimate son and asks Anupama if she let him stay at home.

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